New contest: "Wild Ride" by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

ETA: This contest is closed. The winner is Justine!

I’m giving away a copy of Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer, signed by Jenny Crusie. She is one of my absolute idols and I’m so excited to have met her and be able to do this!

cover of Wild Ride, showing an outsized full moon rising behind a roller coaster. tagline: 'Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime'
This one isn’t a romance, although both main characters do have romance subplots–it’s a found family story, which I love just as much! The main characters are Mab, restorer of old amusement parks and carnival art (and isn’t that a cool job?) and Ethan, an ex-Special Forces guy whose family has traditionally guarded the demons held prisoner in their old amusement park.

Here’s what I said about this book in my Goodreads review:

I knew in advance that I would love this book because it was by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer and because it was about an amusement park that is also a demon prison.

I adored every character, and the plot was fabulous. I especially loved the way the portrayal of demons started out very black/white, good/evil, and then grew more nuanced. (This is what I wanted so badly to see on Buffy and never did–yes, we got demon and vampire characters who were obviously not evil, or not more evil than humans anyway, but the ideology never changed from “stake them on sight, they HAVE NO SOUL!”)

I think my favorite character was Cindy, the ice-cream maker. I loved her ice cream and how her subconscious manifests as dragons and how when the demons were acting out everyone’s worst fear, they chanted at her “Hungry, hungry, can’t feed us!” What can I say, I’m a cook.

Plus, I loved the recurring theme of the fortune “He loves you as much as he can, but he cannot love you very much,” because my mom actually got that fortune one time.

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NB: this is a copy I got signed at the RWA National Conference. Ms. Crusie isn’t involved in the giveaway and the book isn’t personalized. So if you want to tell her how much you loved her book, this isn’t the place. That would be her website. (But this IS the place to tell ME how much you loved it!)