Blog tour: stop #5!

Blog tour stop #5: Today I’m at the Samhain blog talking about Regency joke books!

I share my ten favorite jokes from The Treasury of Wit, or, “A COMPLETE selection of Apophthegms and Jests, arranged, for the first time, in a new and methodical manner; and calculated to please the man of fashion, and the man of science, as well as the publick in general.”

One commenter will win a free copy of SWEET DISORDER, and of course every commenter will be entered in the drawing for the big prize package!

Blog tour: stop #4!

Blog tour stop #4! I’m over at Smexybooks today, talking about William Blake and how romance novels answer the question: “Is love selfish or selfless?” Which kind of fictional love is your fave? The obsessive and all-consuming passion (e.g. Wuthering Heights) or the heroically self-sacrificing adoration (e.g. A Tale of Two Cities)? Comment on the post for the chance to win a free copy of SWEET DISORDER and the awesome blog tour prize package!

And by the way, Mandi also wrote an extremely lovely review of Sweet Disorder! “[A]s soon as I finished this book, I wanted to start all over again…Rose Lerner doesn’t shy away from the gritty, almost unfair life Phoebe lives, but she quietly weaves in a warm romance and by the end, you are smiling.” \o/\o/\o/

Spoiler-friendly "Sweet Disorder" discussion post

Hi everyone! This is a spoiler-friendly discussion and questions post for Sweet Disorder. I’d love to hear anything you have to say about the book! And if there’s anything you want to know (about the book, about writing the book, about characters in the book, about what happens next, anything really), this is a good place to ask.

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Heroes and Heartbreakers giveaway

ETA: The winner is Make Kay!

Blog tour stop #3: Heroes and Heartbreakers. I talk about the trope of the Dead First Husband and interview other historical authors for their perspective (Courtney Milan, Jeannie Lin, Tessa Dare, Susanna Fraser, Lauren Willig, Theresa Romain, and Cecilia Grant—and I’ll be posting the full interviews with them here on my blog in April).

Comment on this post, the one you are reading right now to be entered in a drawing for a free e-book of Sweet Disorder! And one commenter from the entire tour will receive an awesome prize package that includes tie-in pinback buttons, bookmarks, bacon-scented candles, a bookstore gift card, and much, much more! (This drawing is open internationally. Void where prohibited.)

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She gained the love and esteem of all her neighbors

I’ve always hesitated to write a hero and heroine who can’t marry at the end. Could it be a satisfying HEA in a historical romance? And yet I’d love to write a heroine who’s separated from her husband, without having to kill the husband off. This, from Unquiet Lives, is making me rethink some assumptions:

In 1771 the Newcastle Courant lamented the death of Mrs. Grizzel Ross. Stating that she was 100 years old, and born of noble parents, it commented matter-of-factly that she had ‘eloped from her husband about 45 years ago,’ and settled at Hepple, Northumberland, where she ‘gained the love and esteem of all her neighbors.’

Of course, it sounds like Mrs. Grizzel Ross lived alone (in this period “eloped” was used when women left their husbands even if they weren’t eloping with anyone), but I’ve got some examples of socially accepted bigamy coming up, too! The Regency was probably more sexually conservative than the 1770s as it transitioned towards Victorian mores, but I need to keep reminding myself that even then, there was a much broader range of behavior available to people than is portrayed in Dickens novels, just as not everyone in American in the 1940s lived their lives by the Hays Code.

What do you think? Could you believe in a historical HEA where the hero and heroine couldn’t marry?

A PENNY earned

I’m trying to get my website all prettied up for release week, so…I will mail a copy of IN FOR A PENNY to the first five people who can find an error, typo, or broken link on my site!


1. I will update this post with errors as they’re found, errors must be as-yet-unfound to qualify for a book.

2. Links in blog posts older than 6 months don’t count.

3. Open internationally.

4. These copies are the Dorchester mass market paperbacks.

5. Reply to this post or email me at lerner (dot) rose (at) gmail (dot) com.

6. One book per person, but for each additional error you find, I’ll include a Sweet Disorder pinback button of your choosing. 🙂

Thank you for your help!

Error #1: Anne spotted some hyphens where there should be em-dashes on the Bookshelf page. Thanks Anne! 4 books to go.

Error #2: Theresa Romain pointed out that 3:10 to Yuma is in quotes when all other titles are in italics. But she’s generously forgone her book, so…still 4 to go!

Error #3: Anne, who is a rockstar, also noticed that the newsletter subscribe page has the line “all required fields marked red” which is a LIE. Anne is already getting a book though so…still 4 to go!

Error #4: diva-viva pointed out that the “Contests” link is broken on the Newsletter sign-up page and that “e-mail” is not hyphenated consistently.

Error #5: teatotally spotted that the A is capped on the Books page (In for A Penny) and on the “About the Author” page, there’s a double dash instead of an em-dash.

Error #6: Kim saw that on the bookshelf page, there’s an R and a comma missing in the Sweet Disorder research and extras link. 1 book left! You guys are amazing.

Unveiling the blog tour prize package!

ETA: Our winner is Elaine. Congratulations!

My blog tour is coming up soon!

3/14 – bookworm2bookworm
3/16 – Risky Regencies
3/19 – Heroes and Heartbreakers
3/21 – Smexybooks
3/24 – Samhain blog
3/26 – History Hoydens


At each stop in the tour, I’ll be giving away a free Sweet Disorder e-book to one lucky commenter (in the format of their choice). Plus, at the end of the tour, I’ll choose one commenter at random from the entire tour to receive a special prize package! The package includes:

– free e-book of Sweet Disorder
– signed promotional postcard
– rosette (in your choice of colors)
– 5 1″ pinback buttons (to see the rosettes, buttons, etc, look here)
– 4 bacon-scented votive candles from Kittredge Candles (yes, it’s relevant to the book, you’ll see why when you read it!)
– William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, complete with reproductions of Blake’s original hand-tinted prints. One of these poems is the subject of my Smexybooks guest post.
– melt-in-your-mouth coffee caramels (probably these, but Seattle has a lot of great local chocolate companies so I’m keeping my options open), similar to the coffee-cream bonbons Mr. Moon serves Phoebe.
– $10 gift card for B&N or

Yay! 8 days to Sweet Disorder!