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Mini-stories for Waterloo Bicentennial!

Final story index

#1: Solomon and Serena go on holiday, and Solomon cooks dinner.
#2: Jamie (from True Pretenses) and Serena have a playdate. Lydia babysits and [SPOILER] makes an appearance.
#3: Solomon’s school friends have an embarrassing mishap.
#4: Antoine on his day off.
#5: People are betting on how long Solomon and Serena will stay together. Solomon has an idea.


lily coverToday is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. (My critique partner Susanna Fraser is in Belgium right now for the reenactments and I am so jealous!) Now you may remember that A Lily Among Thorns ends with news of the battle of Waterloo reaching England (which of course didn’t happen until days later). So in honor of the holiday:

Give me a prompt, related to any of the characters or to the world of A Lily Among Thorns, and I will write you at least 100 words of fiction in response.

When I did this for Ash Wednesday, I was asked what kind of prompts I like. I was imagining something like, “I want to see Sophy and Antoine playing cards,” etc., but if there’s another way you like to give prompts, I am open to whatever!

This is open until I get around to writing them, which will be probably be in early July once I’ve turned in the next Lively St. Lemeston book. I’m only promising to write the first 10 prompts but if I get more and I’m still enjoying myself after 10, I’ll do more.

I made a survey!

I made a short survey about whether romance readers sympathize more with heroes and heroines, and whether they more often sided with their mom or dad (if they had both) growing up. I’m super curious about the results, so if you have time to take it, please do!