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Deleted scenes:

Note: all deleted scenes contain SPOILERS.

Deleted Scene #1. Serena’s reputation as a dangerous woman with underworld connections played a much larger role in my early drafts. Here are two small scenes in which Solomon eavesdrops on gossip and fails to learn anything of value.

Deleted Scene #2. Another scene about Serena’s scary reputation. It’s rather silly and I’m glad I cut it from the finished book, but it was fun to write and I’m still fond of some of the jokes.

Deleted Scene #3. The original version of Solomon’s nightmare.

Deleted Scene #4. Epilogue: the wedding. When I wrote this, I didn’t realize that Regency weddings were organized very differently from post-Victorian ones. But I still like the scene.


Tie-in stories:

Most contain SPOILERS.

The way of a man with a maid. Short story written to celebrate the book’s re-release. Deborah Hathaway’s first two weeks of marriage to Jonas…which do not go very smoothly. Takes place shortly after the events of the book.

I wrote some mini-stories in honor of the Waterloo Bicentennial:

Story #1: In which the gentlemen at Brooks have a betting pool on how long Solomon and Serena’s marriage will last.
Story #2: True Pretenses crossover: In which Lydia babysits a playdate for little Jamie and Serena, and there is a cameo by Ash and Rafe, for Sonia.
Story #3: Solomon cooks a romantic dinner for Serena at the seaside.

A lot of people have asked about the future of a certain gay secondary romance. Here’s a little thing I wrote about that.

For Queer Romance Month 2015, I wrote about Elijah reading queer fiction as a kid.





Pinterest boards:

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Blog tour:

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Solomon/Serena playlist. (Note: every song mentioned in the post is on the streaming playlist but the two Taylor Swift songs and the Meredith Brooks song are not actually part of the Lily playlist. 🙂
I recorded myself reading the first scene in the secondary romance for Queer Romance Month 2015.


Want to talk to me about the book? Ask questions or share your thoughts at this spoiler-friendly discussion post.


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