LISTEN blog tour: The Romance Dish!

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Today I’m at the Romance Dish talking about my favorite makeover scenes from Dorothy Sayers to Brooklyn Nine-Nine! (And giving away an e-book.)

And to give credit where credit’s due and also offer you more delightful romance, here are links to the posts those GIFs are pulled from:

Iron Man


12 Monkeys

Brooklyn Nine-Nine makeover

The dancing one I found on some GIF compilation site and their link to the original post was broken. :(((( If you know of a GIF set of that moment I’d love to see it!


Full blog tour schedule w/links.

Cakes and Ale holiday recipe linkspam!

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So at the Cakes and Ale facebook party, I asked everyone what their favorite holiday food was. I’m looking at this list, getting hungrier and hungrier, and Mary N. said, “I’m going to need a recipe compilation!”

YES, I thought.

So here it is! The holiday recipe linkspam. I’ve tried to find a recipe that looked both easy to follow and more or less like what you were talking about—if I’ve linked to a recipe that isn’t at all what you had in mind, I’m happy to replace it if you sent me another one!

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