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Theresa Romain, ladies and gentlemen!

ETA: the giveaway is closed. Kim won!

Readers, thanks for visiting! Today, Theresa Romain and I are chatting about our recent historical romances. Mine is Listen to the Moon; hers is A Gentleman’s Game.

Theresa Romain author photoTheresa Romain is the author of a dozen historical romances, including the Romance of the Turf trilogy and the Royal Rewards series. She loves having coffee with friends, baking with her daughter, and reading (preferably alone). Please find her on Facebook or Twitter, and visit her website at for free short stories and excerpts.

Theresa is the bomb, y’all! And someone I am deeply honored to have drunk blue Klingon drinks with.

This is part 2 of 2 of the conversation. You can find the beginning on Theresa’s blog here. And please stick around to comment, because we’re offering a book + snack giveaway on each site!

A little orientation before we start:

gentleman's game coverIn A Gentleman’s Game, when valuable racehorses fall ill before a rich stakes race, Nathaniel Chandler must work with his father’s mysterious new secretary, Rosalind Agate, to protect the horses and get them safely across England to Epsom. Along the road, Rosalind and Nathaniel fall for each other—but she’s keeping some secrets that will tear them apart. Read the first chapter here.

And in Listen to the Moon, John Toogood is a very starchy, very proper valet…who’s currently out of a job. Sukey Grimes is a maid-of-all-work with a big mouth and a mean boss. The local vicar is looking for a married couple to head his staff of servants….Read the first chapter here.

You may remember we were talking about the Romance of the Turf series and the other Chandler siblings’ books…

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Riskies post: Box pews

I have a blog post up at Risky Regencies today about Anglican church layouts, seating, and box pews in the Regency.

I had never heard of box pews until I started writing the Lively St. Lemeston series! However, they were much more common in England during the Regency than bench-style pews. Wikipedia explains:

“Box pews provided privacy and allowed the family to sit together. In the 17th century they could include windows, curtains, tables and even fireplaces, and were treated as personal property that could be willed to legatees. Sometimes the paneling was so high it was difficult to see out, and the privacy was used as a cover for non-devotional activity….By the eighteenth century it became normal to install formal box pews instead of random personal constructions. This provided a more classic line to the church, although Sir Christopher Wren objected to pews in his churches. With the mid-19th century church reforms, box pews were generally swept away and replaced by bench pews. However a number of examples still remain in various churches throughout the United Kingdom.”

Note that part of the church reforms involved changing how clergymen were paid—fees from renting pews provided a good chunk of their salaries previously, so they resisted replacing them with more efficient seating.

Read the rest. (There are a lot more illustrations!)

Lively St. Lemeston: State of the Borough

Last updated: 2/17/16

My plans for Lively St. Lemeston change regularly! I’m going to try to keep this post updated but you are always welcome to leave a comment or email me if you have questions. Be prepared, I think all these books will be written eventually, but the order and organization is going to get shifted around a LOT. I don’t plot a book until I research it, and plotting is when I’ll know how the books link together.

Here’s what I know for sure: the next book. It’s the start of a new trilogy with the working series title “Lively St. Lemeston: European Capitals” because each one is about someone from the Lively St. Lemeston universe traveling to the big city.

Book #1: Vienna. This book is set during the Congress of Vienna and it’s about Stephen Dymond, Lord Lenfield, a.k.a. Nick’s older brother and Toogood’s former boss. He appears briefly in Listen to the Moon.
Book #2: London. This book is set during the last Frost Fair on the Thames (so yes, it’s technically a prequel to book #1, but I’m not ready to write it yet! The books are barely linked so it shouldn’t be confusing). It’s about Imogen Makepeace, the barista who’s appeared in True Pretenses and Listen to the Moon. (Research note to self: the big Customs House fire was just after the thaw.) (I think this book leads right into Mrs. Khaleel’s book so depending on timeline stuff it may end up getting moved.)
Book #3: British-occupied Paris after Waterloo. Not sure whose book this is! I’ll know once I read up on Paris, I guess.

Mr. Moon and Betsy’s novella (which ended up towards the hot end of the scale!) is also on its way. I’m tentatively planning on releasing it in Fall 2016 but I make no promises.

Another trilogy that will happen at some point, working title: “Lively St. Lemeston: the Next Generation” or possibly “Lively St. Lemeston: Power Struggle”

Book #1: Jamie Wheatcroft’s book. Involves a handsome orchid collector/dealer from Puerto Rico who looks suspiciously like Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Book #2: I think this book will be about a young borough-mongering Duke who wants to buy the Wheatcroft political interest in the town. I don’t know who his heroine is yet!
Book #3: Rafe Cohen’s book. (Rafe is the hero’s little brother from True Pretenses.) I know this book has a Jewish heroine and I’m pretty sure it will involve provincial theater but that’s all I’ve got at the moment.

Please don’t be disappointed when these plans change! (Like, for example as I was typing this I thought, what if instead I linked the first series by the theme of “Inheritance,” since Stephen is going to inherit the Whig interest in Lively St. Lemeston, and then I moved Jamie’s book next, and then…)

Who else is getting a book?

1. Noor Khaleel, Sukey and Toogood’s coworker from Listen to the Moon. I’m pretty sure her hero is a long-lost childhood sweetheart.
2. Ada, Tony’s wife. (Probably.) (May be a novella.)
3. Maybe Lydia and Jamie’s third cousin who will one day inherit Wheatcroft.
4. ???? If you have requests let me know! Who knows, it may spark an idea.

I would also love to do a series themed around, like, civic infrastructure: the Whigs are trying to bring in gaslighting (engineer protagonist!), a Police Act, a new parish with a new church and new vicar (the church is getting overcrowded)…and someday they’ll build that theater. And what’s going on with Mr. Fairclough’s powder mill once the war is over? So much story potential in all those things! And I’ve got the first three chapters of a story I wrote a long time ago, about a girl that wants a marriage that is Just A Political Partnership and her guy best friend who is madly in love with her and their radical bluestocking friends, that I’d like to finish and that would tie in nicely with the Lively St. Lemeston world…

tl;dr: I am making this up as I go along. 🙂

Contest: Ever After Box coupon code

This contest is now closed. MaryG won the box.


You’ve heard about Jeannie Lin’s new brainchild, the Ever After Box, right? It’s a subscription box service for romance readers! As the website explains:

Ever After Box is a subscription box for romance readers that delivers great reads and romance community collectibles centered around a fun theme each month. Each box contains at least one book plus 3-5 gift items. Items include exclusive fan merchandise, bookmarks, cool product finds and more! All in a pretty box!

You can see what was in their first box here (the theme was coffee).

February’s theme is dessert, and anyone who’s read my books probably knows I love dessert. I teamed up with Elisabeth Lane from Cooking Up Romance to contribute something fun to the box, so Jeannie and her team are letting me give away one free box! I have a coupon code to give away to one lucky commenter.

Contest rules:

1. Comment on this post to enter.
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4. Open for entries through February 18, 2016.
5. This is a single use code and will expire on Feb 23. It can be used to either get the SWEET TOOTH box free, OR to sign up for the monthly subscription and get the first box free.

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Good luck!

Funny search terms: October 2015 – Jan 2016

These are all terms people searched for that somehow brought them to my site!


download romance novel sweet disorder by rose lerner [fuck you pirates is all I have to say about that. October was a sadly unfunny months for search terms!]


one special feature like thorn prickle in lilly
today hasband looking waif sex brighton [???]
petticoats that rustle
how many books has theresa romain written [9 not counting novellas, if I’m counting correctly]


short story on smell of sweet and sound of coins
forced to be lillie the maid by my wife
who is called as a rough diamond and must first be polished before he shines by dryden? [answer: chaucer; honestly dryden really embarrassed himself with that one]
turkey with pineapple recipe [I include this because I have no idea how this brought anyone to my site, I would NEVER cook that]


i never eat muscatel grapes meanimg [answer: it’s a quote from the count of monte cristo]
meaning of a man ain t nothing but a man [i get this one all the time! how many people are googling this and why??? it just means that a man ain’t nothing but a man, it’s not code!]
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