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Tie-in short story

The Way of a Maid with a Maid
A tie-in story for A Lily Among Thorns. Deborah Hathaway’s tumultuous first two weeks of marriage to Jonas.


The Lily Among Thorns mini-stories are collected here. A list of what you’ll find:

  1. Little Jamie Reeves and Serena have a playdate (a crossover with True Pretenses).
  2. Solomon’s school friends have a smelly mishap.
  3. Antoine’s busman’s holidays.
  4. Elijah reads queer fiction.
  5. Solomon and Serena go on honeymoon.
  6. The gentlemen at Brooks have a betting pool on how long Solomon and Serena’s marriage will last.
Epilogue: New for the Third Edition

Over the years, a lot of people have asked about the future of a certain gay secondary romance. I finally gave in and wrote an epilogue! I also wrote this little vignette.

Deleted scenes

Note: all deleted scenes contain SPOILERS.

Deleted Scene #1. Serena’s reputation as a dangerous woman with underworld connections played a much larger role in my early drafts. Here are two small scenes in which Solomon eavesdrops on gossip and fails to learn anything of value.

Deleted Scene #2. Another scene about Serena’s scary reputation. It’s rather silly and I’m glad I cut it from the finished book, but it was fun to write and I’m still fond of some of the jokes.

Deleted Scene #3. The original version of Solomon’s nightmare.

Deleted Scene #4. Epilogue: the wedding. When I wrote this, I didn’t realize that Regency weddings were organized very differently from post-Victorian ones. But I still like the scene.



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