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"I thought of some of my favorite historical romance authors as I read this book—authors like Courtney Milan, Judith Ivory, and Cecilia Grant—because of the good writing, the realness of the characters, and their psychological depth as well."Dear Author on Sweet Disorder

rose lerner's latest news

Samhain Publishing closed its doors at the end of February. I am working to get my books back up with brand-new beautiful covers, and get some new stories published too! Here is my plan (no guarantees! but this is the plan):

August 15 – Listen to the Moon re-release
September 12 – "A Taste of Honey" (a brand-new Lively St. Lemeston novella!)
October – new novella in an anthology with Alyssa Cole and Courtney Milan
November 7 – In for a Penny re-release
December 5 – A Lily Among Thorns re-release
Jan 2 – Lively St. Lemeston boxed set

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My novella "All or Nothing" is still available. Learn more here!

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August 2016:
I've added a new weekly newsletter where I'll share a spoilery detail about an upcoming book. So far, subscribers have learned a major plot point for my current WIP (a Top Secret Project with Alyssa Cole and Courtney Milan) and helped choose my next hero's last name! You can subscribe at the top of this page, on the Newsletter page, or click "update preferences" at the bottom of any recent newsletter.

February 2016:
A new free short story is up! "Do you know anything about canals?", in which Ash and Rafe run a con on Aaron Burr.