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Two Nerdy History Girls. Loretta Chase and Susan Holloway Scott/Isabella Bradford dish about history. Hours of entertainment!

Jane Austen's World. One of the most reliable, detail-oriented Regency blogs out there. I have learned so much from this blog!

Hansard's Official Report of debates in Parliament. Dates of sittings for both Houses and the text of debates is available online for 1803-2005.

Greenwood's 1827 Map of London. I used this map extensively when plotting A Lily Among Thorns.

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion.

Laura Wallace's peerage pages. The link goes to the Forms of Address chart, which I have used extensively.

Ivan Day's Historic Food website. I wouldn't have been able to write about Robert Moon without this website. It's amazing. Ivan Day also has a blog, Food History Jottings.

The titles of all the books published by the Minerva Press. Some of these names are amazing: The Rake and the Misanthrope, for example (that is a romance I would read!), or Vicissitudes Abound, or The Polanders, the Lying Family, and the Life of my Uncle, with his Portfolio. Some of them don't seem that great...until you click on them and see the subtitle. For example, this one appears in my book: Chronicles of an Illustrious House; or the Peer, the Lawyer, and the Hunchback.


A few links that may entertain or inform:

Online Etymology Dictionary. If you do not have access to the Oxford English Dictionary (if you have a library card, you may be able to access the OED through your library's website—I was thrilled when I realized the Seattle Public Library subscribes), this is a great alternative. It doesn't have the quotes but it has the dates of first attestation and it's very usable and well organized. It's also a little bit better for looking up dirty words.

Recycled Movie Costumes. A tumblr that posts side by side stills of the same costume or accessory being used in different movies or TV shows.

Comics by Kate Beaton. She is a fabulous artist, and a lot of her comics have historical subjects. Plus, they are hilarious. Here is a great one about Jane Austen, and here's one about George IV that cracks me up every time.

Nicholas Lea's IMDb page. My favorite actor. I've seen all but 3 or 4 of the projects listed, and those I only haven't seen because I can't FIND them. ::Insert howl of despair here::

Martha Stewart. Her recipes are clear and very reliable. A lot of my favorite easy party recipes are from her.

Pia Frauss' Fonts. Truly spectacular historical-inspired fonts. Most come with a set of variations and historically appropriate abbreviations.

Wikimedia Commons. God's gift to the history blogger.


A small selection of my favorite historical romance writers:

Cecilia Grant, Alyssa Cole, Theresa Romain, Courtney Milan, Meredith Duran, Tessa Dare, Megan Chance, Jeannie Lin.