Good Romance

We’re entering the home stretch! Today, in my pen-penultimate [Edit: I have been informed the word is “antepenultimate”! How cool is that?] blog tour event, I was interviewed by Vonnie Hughes over at her website. I get to talk about all kinds of things, like why I think having an agent is great (and specifically why my agent, Kevan Lyon, is great!), what eras of history I love besides the Regency, where I get my ideas, and Romantic Protagonists Who Are A Little Too Awesome. Plus I’m giving away another signed book. Check it out! (And look around Vonnie’s site while you’re over there, it’s filled with great stuff. I especially like the picture of a lady’s muff-pistol. Also, is it just me, or does “muff-pistol” sound a little dirty?)

In other news, I downloaded Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga’s albums from Amazon yesterday. I’ve been watching their music videos quite a lot recently, especially Bad Romance and For Your Entertainment (I feel a little weird about “Bad Romance” because I think she might be making fun of romance novels…but I love the video so much I’m willing to overlook it). I love music videos a LOT. Tell me your favorites! YouTube links a plus.

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  1. music videos are the BEST. i hope folks keep making them LOOOOOOONG after they stop being played on TVs. i think YT will help with that, y?

    my current favorite is this one:

    it's colorful and affectionate and playful.

  2. Aww, they're adorable! Have you seen Cobra Starship's "Guilty Pleasure"? It kind of reminds me of that one–just a band dorking out and having so much fun. I love it when I can tell that performers are really enjoying themselves–same for authors, really, I love it when I can tell an author had fun writing something.

  3. Ha! That Lady Gaga song raises my hackles for the same reason. Also, because she says "You and me could write a bad romance" when it should be "You and I."

    (Not so heinous an error as the reverse: "She says her love for me would never die/ That'd change if she ever found out about you and I" can practically run me off the road if it comes on the radio while I'm driving.)

    I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog tour. To write well, and to be articulate in discussing your writing, are two separate disciplines and you do both well.

  4. Cecilia–Yeah, I have to admit, the "you and me" doesn't bother me much because I assume she phrased it that way to get the right feel for the line and whether it's technically correct or not, it sounds natural when she sings it. Whereas that "if she ever found out about you and I" sounds awkward and wrong and is so just he can force a rhyme with "die." That's lazy writing and I don't approve! Heh.

    Thanks so much, I'm glad you've been enjoying the posts! Blogging is the one kind of marketing I really, really love, so it's very nice to hear that you think I'm good at it. ::beams::

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