Your Special Nighttiime Friend!

1. I have a guest post up over at Danielle Monsch’s blog! In it I talk about follies:

“A particular type of folly became popular in England in the 18th and 19th centuries: small buildings on an estate in an attempt to mimic a style of architecture that was currently trendy, but not actually contemporary: the fake Roman temple, the gatehouse designed to look like a medieval guard tower, the romantic grotto. I’ve always been charmed by these. There’s just something so innocently enthusiastic about them.”

I share photos of the folly I based Nev’s grandfather’s folly at Loweston on. I also share a photoshoot my friend Beth and I did of a stuffed orangutan, one time we were both home from college on vacation. A sample:

There’s a logical segue, I promise. By the way, Beth recently sent me this, which made me very happy:

Read all about it!

2. I am very excited to announce that it looks like I will be presenting in TWO workshops at the Emerald City Writers’ Conference this October! I’ll be part of a panel of debut authors talking about selling your first book, and I’ll also be running a workshop called “Creating a Character-Driven Sex Scene”!! It’s going to be so great you guys! Expect more info as the conference gets closer.

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