I was trying to find the artist who painted Nathan's portrait and the second google hit is for a forum titled "How the Jews Stole Britain"

Today at Risky Regencies, I posted an updated and expanded version of my old post about historical urban legends, and the Rothschilds and the news of the victory at Waterloo.

"A human leg and thigh in armour, couped, and dropping blood, all proper, garnished, or"

Today’s Risky Regencies post is about historically accurate names, including resources and hilarious examples! (In particular, the Page-Turner family continues to amaze and delight me.)

I also found some great family crests as you can see from the title of this post.

"As a common-councilman swallows turtle"

My Risky Regencies post today is about Regency single-purpose serving dishes: epergnes (originally designed for pickles!), ice cream pails, turtle soup tureens, pineapple stands…with bonus link to an amazing video of a Solomon’s Temple pudding jiggling!

Sorry about the delay on the new contest, by the way. I’ve got a new one all lined up, I just need to take T-Rex to Brighton for a quick photoshoot…No, seriously, I’m hoping to have it up this weekend, but at the moment, finishing Toogood and Sukey’s book is priority. I’m sure you understand. 😉

This is the famous forensic wig, whose pattern is still used today

I really enjoyed writing today’s Risky Regencies post: historical romance plot bunnies I came across while researching, from Humphrey Ravenscroft, wig inventor, to an incredible theatrical naval spectacle involving an 8000 cubic foot tank of water (I WANT A ROMANCE ABOUT THIS SO BAD), to an investment plan whose shares pay out more when other investors die!