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Tie-in stories:

This is a stretch but Mr. Moon IS mentioned—can you spot him? Poor child of Doubt and Death. Nick is a vampire and Phoebe is a dragon: a re-imagining of Sweet Disorder that I wrote to celebrate book 2’s release.


Mr. Moon and Betsy go on a reality TV baking show.


“I have a touch of the Lawrence today”—Sussex slang
Regency shop windows
A cover for non-devotional activity—box pews

True crime:

“Perfect freedom of action”—rural policing in Regency England
Prosecution societies—more on the Regency legal system and how trials were paid for (the answers may surprise you)
Wilt thou yet confess?—ghosts of murder victims in Regency England
Wikipedia: The Newgate Calendar, or, the Malefactors’ Bloody Register
Court report for the Richard Ralph murder trial Betsy and Jemima are following

Recipes and food:

Regency cakes and tarts
Regency ice cream
A modern (and delicious-looking) brown bread ice cream recipe vouched for by Elisabeth Lane of Cooking Up Romance, who added caramelized bacon after reading Sweet Disorder
Lavender & Black Tea Pound Cake (A Honey Moon Confectionery-inspired recipe)

Pinterest boards:

Dreamcasting (If you look at my other dreamcasting boards you can find the Dymonds and the Cahills, too.)
Research and reference images
Lively St. Lemeston


I made in-character tumblrs for some of the characters and businesses from Lively St. Lemeston, including the Honey Moon.

The Honey Moon: @honeymoonconfectionery
Nick Dymond: @childe-nicholas
Phoebe Sparks: @phoebesparks-authoress
Helen Knight: @fashion-saucer
The Intelligencer: @lstl-intelligencer (This one includes a man-on-the-street interview with Betsy and Jemima—who was named Rachel in earlier drafts—and lovely character artwork of them.


Olivia Waite interviewed me for the Seattle Review of Books and I talked a bit about writing historically accurate sex scenes. Never trust Aaron Burr and other research tips from a historical romance author.

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