I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful Canadian wilderness at Pemberley.

1. A number of people have been asking me about e-books for In for a Penny. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to figure this one out; the deal is that Dorchester’s e-book program is still a little new and the releases aren’t quite simultaneous yet. But the e-book version is being uploaded to our distributor this week! After that it is up to the individual websites when it’s available for purchase. Some sites are slower than others, but it should be available most places (All Romance, Books on Board, B&N, Sony, Amazon, etc.) at least by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience!

2. I may have mentioned this once or twice, but I’m a huge Kate Beaton fangirl. She was at the Emerald City ComiCon this weekend so I headed over to meet her! There was a pretty long line at her table, which made me both sad (I had to wait in it) and happy (Kate Beaton is successful!). She did a little drawing for everyone, which was incredibly generous of her, and mine is fabulous! I know she likes both Paul Gross and Jane Austen, so I asked for something about Paul Gross making a Jane Austen adaptation.

He’s also one of those artists who likes to write, produce, direct, compose the soundtrack, and star in his own movies, and…sometimes the results are not as great as the stuff where he just acts. (For example, in his curling movie Men With Brooms, the end credits roll over an original song called “Kiss You Till You Weep.” Who thinks that’s romantic? Show of hands?) So the idea of him, say, remaking Pride and Prejudice is hilarious to me. Anyway, here’s what she drew:

A Mountie bowing to a Regency lady.

The scan isn’t great (sorry!), but he’s saying “Excuse me, ma’am, I heard you were looking for a husband. Allow me to assist.” And underneath she wrote “Best movie of all time?” Answer: YES.

3. For Wodehouse fans: What if Bertie Wooster were secretly Batman?

4. I’ve been having great luck with romances recently. I just read Bound by Your Touch, Proof by Seduction, and Something About You, and loved them all. Which is actually partially a lead-in to me reminding you that if you want book recommendations from me, you can follow my reviews at Goodreads! (I say “book recommendations” because that’s what I’m using it for–I have no problem with readers openly critiquing or even mocking books they don’t enjoy, so long as they avoid ad hominem attacks on the author, but as a writer I think it would be kind of unprofessional of me to do it myself. If I don’t like something, I just won’t review it.) I won’t be talking about what I’m reading much on the blog, but I love talking about books, so feel free to friend me and I’ll friend you back!

8 thoughts on “I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful Canadian wilderness at Pemberley.”

  1. Rewatching due South is ALWAYS a good choice. At this point, I've lost count of how many times I've seen my favorite episodes.

  2. I'm going to have to pull back out my DVDs. It's been far too long since I've had a real marathon of them. I don't know that I could say how many times I've seen my favorite episodes either, but there were many times due South was on in the background while I was studying, so the answer is probably lots and lots. One of my favorites is when Kowalski is introduced, and Fraser spends most of the episode trying to prove this isn't Ray, only to do the 180 at the end and refute all the proofs he'd found once the situation was explained. Another favorite is anytime Fraser gets shot in the hat. 🙂

  3. "She shot you in the hat?" <3

    I have to admit that that first Kowalski episode is one I have a lot of trouble rewatching, even though I adore Kowalski and I adore him in that episode…I have two reasons, I guess:

    1. I really, really miss Vecchio.
    2. I really, really miss Fraser's apartment building and the stories that came out of it.

    Saying goodbye once was hard enough!

  4. I miss Vecchio and the apartment too, but I love the way Fraser approaches the situation where everyone else is saying Kowalski is Ray and instead of arguing or getting confused or anything most people would do, he sets about to scientifically prove that Kowalski isn’t Vecchio. It’s so Fraser. 🙂
    I’m starting at the pilot again today!

  5. Love the “new” blog, Rose! Didn’t realize I missed one of the stops on your blog tour. I will go check it out now. 😉

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