Eloisa James has read my book!!!

Okay I know I am supposed to be a professional and not act like a fan and blah blah blah but ELOISA JAMES HAS READ MY BOOK. AND SHE LIKED IT. And she posted about it here for her Barnes & Noble blog/column! I read it this morning at 4:30AM before going to work and of course when I got there I immediately told my coworker all about it:

ME: It’s like every month she does a theme and she talks about books that fit the theme, and–
COWORKER: What was this month’s theme?
ME: …Um. Protagonists who aren’t very bright.
COWORKER: [after laughing quite a lot] Is one of your protagonists not very bright?
ME: Well, I never thought of him that way before? He likes classical music and studied Latin at Cambridge and stuff. But I definitely see what she means because he is pretty hapless and not good at math, and in the genre there are lots of uber-competent brain surgeons running around and–
COWORKER: Doesn’t your book take place in the early nineteenth century?
ME: Yes.
COWORKER: So maybe a brain surgeon wouldn’t be the best choice for a hero for you?
ME: You have a point.
COWORKER: The reader would think, “Ooh, a brain surgeon,” and then he’d walk on with, like, a hammer and bone saw. “I’ve discovered that this part of the lobe controls deviant behavior! Stand aside while I cut a hole in this convict’s skull!”

For some reason I am picturing this hero as Hugh Laurie’s Wooster in my head. Okay, and what’s sad is that I have such a thing for mad scientists (I’m not kidding, I think they’re dreamy!) that I would probably read that romance. Even though I have a lot of strong and negative feelings about historical psychiatry, ESPECIALLY when it involved surgery (often it was non-consensual surgery!).

Anyway, you should read James’s piece, and then check out the B&N Romance board for conversations about the piece and about my book and all kinds of stuff!

Which is a good time to mention–I will be one of the B&N feature threads for May!!!!!! I am so honored and excited you guys. My thread is here and I will be hanging around the boards and the thread all month, but especially I will be there regularly next week, starting Monday the 10th, to chat and answer questions and talk about books and also probably Star Trek because this is me. I can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “EEEE!”

  1. Of COURSE she liked it! Yay for you! Can’t wait to see how you’re going to work Star Trek into the conversation.
    (And isn’t it really weird and funny to just think about her reading it? Did she actually go into a bookstore and take it off a shelf? Did she unwrap a package from Amazon? Does she use a Kindle? And what kind of chair was she sitting in?)

    1. I too wonder these things! MY BOOK HAS BEEN TOUCHED BY ELOISA JAMES. OR DOWNLOADED, WHICHEVER. I suspect my editor sent to her though. In her article in the RWR on press releases she said she gets a lot of new books sent to her for the column.

  2. OMG, that is uber-exciting!!! So happy for you, Rose. I’ll try to swing by the B&N board next week, if only to see how you tie-in the Star Trek reference. 😉

    1. Aw, thanks! I am still only halfway through yours (my deadline is SOON, eek!) but I am LOVING it!

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