I just watched the original Charlie's Angels credits and now I kind of want to watch the show

WOOOOOOO! I have turned in the manuscript of A Lily Among Thorns! Of course this is just the first pass and I’ll be getting a revision letter someday soon, but right now I am still riding the high. Those two weeks of working double shifts were kind of crazy and having free time again is AMAZING! (I’ve already watched almost half the first season of Gossip Girl…)

I thought I’d take this opportunity to post photos from my two signings. Here are a couple from the first one at Third Place Books with Gayle Ann Williams (whose book Tsunami Blue you all need to read–I finally finished it a couple weeks ago and LOVED it! I’ll be giving away a copy here at some point, too). Sorry some of these are not great quality, they were taken on a phone!

Me and Gayle:

I was so nervous at this event and Gayle was so sweet and let me speak first. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Here’s Gayle and Marianne Strnad from our chapter:

And then some great ones from the debut Dorchester authors signing at the Redmond Town Center Borders. That one was me, Gayle, Amy Rench (author of Fallen Rogue), and Marie-Claude Bourque. (Marie-Claude’s book Ancient Whispers is being released today by the way! She has a cool online launch party set up here.)

(L to R: Amy, Gayle, me, and Marie-Claude)

My friend Sonia helped us do a proper Charlie’s Angels pose for this one (luckily since none of us could remember exactly how it should work):

As you can see on the table Gayle brought chocolate for everyone because she is awesome. And this one is actually my favorite, we just look so authorial:

Thank you to all my friends and fellow GSRWA members who came and made the events so fun and successful!

4 thoughts on “I just watched the original Charlie's Angels credits and now I kind of want to watch the show”

  1. Oh man, I will totally watch original Charlie’s Angels with you. You know, once we finish our GIANT Things To Watch list.
    Also those pictures are all really great.

  2. Well now I have to know what you think of Gossip Girl. I started watching it with a massive chip on my shoulder (“THIS is what you choose to run instead of Veronica Mars?”) but its cheesy goodness has grown on me.
    Something I particularly enjoy is watching Kelly Rutherford (Serena’s mom) wield her cellphone. She gets the kind of mileage out of that prop that old-time movie stars got out of cigarettes.

    1. I definitely didn’t think I would love it based on the promo shots (which is all I knew about it prior to watching it) but I do! I will have to keep an eye out for Lily’s cellphone! I love her a LOT. After Blair and Chuck she may be my favorite character on the show. My favorite thing about her so far is that annoyed look she gets when she’s in an awkward social situation, like in the Thanksgiving episode. She goes right past feeling awkward (or maybe multitasks) and into Really? Do we really have to do this? Why is this happening to me? It’s fabulous.

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