A chip off the old family iceblock

Had a lovely geeky bonding moment with my co-worker today. We were talking about the Declaration of Independence, as you do, and then 1776: the Musical, which he wants me to see, and John and Abigail Adams, and that reminded me of something in my high school American history textbook, which I loved.

ME: It was really dramatic and it always gave everyone’s heights.
CO-WORKER: That’s hilarious.
ME: Like it said, “John Quincy Adams was 5’9″ and a chip off the old family iceblock.” [Disclaimer: I made up that height. It is probably wrong.]
CO-WORKER: Wait a minute. I had that same textbook!

Awesome! We agreed that it also had really good pictures to go with everything. (Another favorite turn of phrase was something like, “this poured holy oil on the flames of conflict.”)

In other news, my critique partner Susanna Fraser (the Kindle edition of whose book is now available for pre-order), has unveiled her placeholder website. Or rather, her husband has. I died laughing when I saw it. It is ADORABLE. It starts, “Susanna Fraser is an author based in Seattle. She goaded her husband into making this website for her, even though he is busy and preoccupied. This site is a demonstration of why you never hire family to design your website for you,” and goes from there…

2 thoughts on “A chip off the old family iceblock”

  1. I just had someone contact me about hiring my husband as a freelance web designer. My first reaction: “Really? Granted it’s hilarious, but how do you know he can design a visually appealing and well organized site?” (He can, but it’s not like my current site proves it.) My second reaction: “I don’t know that I want him taking on freelance jobs till my REAL website is up.”

    1. Lol! Does he have TIME to do freelance web work for people other than you? My impression from the site is that he doesn’t…

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