New short story!

An exclusive short story set in the In for a Penny world has just been posted to my website! I may have stupidly put a mild spoiler for the book in the title, so I’m not going to tell you what it is (look, I know I could have changed it, but I like it), but I will tell you that it’s about Percy and Louisa, because Jenni Simmons wanted to see more of them and that’s the idea that clicked with me.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest! You all had awesome ideas and if I had infinite free time I’d write them all. I’ll be doing something similar with A Lily Among Thorns eventually, so you’ll have another chance!

4 thoughts on “New short story!”

  1. I enjoyed In for a Penny very much, and have been hoping for another book from you soon. Do you have anything scheduled? I hope so!

  2. Yes! My next book is A Lily Among Thorns, coming from Dorchester next year. You can see a bit more about it on my Bookshelf page, although I’m still working on a section of my website dedicated to the book…

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