Together again, and it feels so good

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! My very favorite band in the whole world, the Headstones, is reuniting for a concert in Toronto in February, and as of yesterday I have tickets! I know it’s nuts to fly hundreds of miles to go to a concert, but I NEVER in a million years thought there was any chance of seeing this band live (I got into them after they already split up), and I just COULDN’T miss this opportunity.

Who are the Headstones, you ask? They are a Canadian hard-rock band from the 90s and they are GREAT. Here is my favorite of their music videos, “Cemetery.” Just to warn you, the song is a light-hearted number about necrophilia. It is not honestly typical of their subject matter, but like all of their songs the lyrics are clever and compelling and I LOVE the video. It was directed by Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald and is basically the band being adorable in an alley with a giant fan, and also there is an accordion and a mysterious snowman.

I am so, so excited! I want to hear about all of your favorite bands! Are they still together? If not, what lengths would you go to to see them if they did a reunion concert?

3 thoughts on “Together again, and it feels so good”

  1. What fun!
    I’m a fan of the concert roadtrip. I’ve been to both coasts and the Caribbean to see my faves – Great Big Sea and Carbon Leaf. If they were no more, but did a reunion show, I wouldn’t blink before buying a ticket.
    It’s also a lot of fun to get to know other fans of a band and learn their stories.

    1. Oh wow, the Caribbean–did you take a cruise, or just fly to the concert location?
      Yeah, I’m excited to be in a room surrounded by people as excited about the Headstones reuniting as me. There will a lot of screaming!

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