The Big Con, cont'd

I finished The Big Con by David Maurer, the book I was talking about in my last post. Look at these entries from the glossary:

The countess: Mrs. Maurer. Also the Raggle.

How sweet is that?? (“Raggle” is later defined as “an attractive young girl.”)

There was also this which, as a word origin geek, I thought was cool:

Gun moll. A thief-girl, especially a female pickpocket. The term has no connection with guns or with killing—as is sometimes suggested in the newspapers—but comes from Yiddish gonif, thief.

5 thoughts on “The Big Con, cont'd”

    1. I have to admit the first few episodes of White Collar didn’t mesh for me. I don’t really know why, because everyone was delightful. Possibly I would enjoy the more recent seasons? I AM a huge fan of Hustle, though.

      1. I’ve enjoyed White Collar and it’s gotten some more depth as it’s gone on. So, you might want to try again, or not. 🙂 I remember hearing about Hustle, but I must have missed when it started. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

        1. I will definitely give White Collar another shot then. I do adore the actors who play Peter and Elizabeth (I have nothing against Neal either, I just haven’t seen him in much else) so I really wanted to like the show more than I did, and maybe it was just first season teething troubles.
          Hustle is a British show so I don’t know if it’s airing anywhere here, but the first four seasons at least are out on DVD. It’s absolutely fantastic.

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