A work of elevated imagination

When I was visiting my uncle, he took me to a wonderful local bookstore with a rare bookroom and a secondhand bookshop across the street from each other—I’ve never spent much time in the rare bookroom since it’s a bit beyond my means, but it looks amazing) and bought me some books for my birthday. I got two books about the history of English furniture, a cookbook, a book to teach me how to dress like a gentleman (which has already given me and my roommate hours of entertainment), an old pulp paperback mystery, and Sporting Art in Eighteenth Century England: A Social and Political History.

Listen to this:

[WARNING: the following paragraph contains a description of animal cruelty.]

“Meanwhile, the critical acclaim [Gilpin] initially received for his ‘Death of the Fox’ was sadly negated by the patron’s public announcement that, far from being a work of elevated imagination, the picture was in fact painted directly from nature—with carefully arranged dead dogs pinned into place as models.”

By the way, I got a tumblr! If you have one let me know so I can follow you! I am mostly using mine to reblog pictures of James McAvoy at the moment, but can you blame me?

5 thoughts on “A work of elevated imagination”

  1. Well, James McAvoy is well worth looking at pictures of. I like the TARDIS movie box. 🙂 What exactly is tumblr?

    1. It’s a site that is like a social networking or blogging site but mostly picture-based. Most “posts” consist of pictures with a caption or paragraph. Once you’ve signed up for an account you can post pictures you like of your own, or reblog other people’s (mostly what I’ve been doing so far), you can follow other people and see what they are posting, you can follow tags…I am just getting started but I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Mmmm…James McAvoy.
    Hi Rose…just wanted to let you know I adored “In For a Penny”, and I can’t wait for “A Lily Among Thorns”, which will be coming to me right when it’s released. You can’t get them out fast enough for me!

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