I’ve got an interview up over at Kat Latham’s blog! She asked really cool questions which is always exciting–I may have gone into embarrassing depth on the whole “Jane Austen vs. Charlotte Bronte” thing. I’m also giving away a book!

A sample:

My relationship with Jane Austen is really complicated and my relationship with Charlotte Bronte is really simple.

I adore Jane Eyre on every level. Sometimes I’m a little embarrassed by how earnest Charlotte is about everything and wish she had more of a sense of humor. Okay, I’m done.

When it comes to Jane Austen, though, there’s a whole Dostoyevskian love-hate thing going on, where I love her and then I resent her because I love her and that gives her the power to reject me. Here’s the thing: I identify with Marianne in Sense and Sensibility. I talk too loud and I love things too much. I’m not particularly elegant or refined or reserved. I’d probably shamelessly ogle militia officers, too.

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