6 thoughts on “EEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

      1. I finished it and it was wonderful!
        I loved Solomon’s tendency to quote Scripture. And EVERYTHING about Serena’s ambiguous feelings about love.
        And the secondary romance — I don’t want to say ANYTHING about it here because I’d hate to spoil anyone. But it’s on my list of best secondary romances ever. And thank you so much for ending it the way you did, and not the way that kind of romance sometimes gets ended in mainstream fiction…
        Also thank you for all the scenes where sexual harassers get their just deserts. That was cathartic to read! And so were the scenes (sometimes the same scenes) where you show the working-class minor characters as actual humans with their own stories and motivations. That is something I loved in In for a Penny and it’s why I will buy everything you write. 😉

        1. YAY!!!! Thank you so much! ::cradles comment to her bosom:: And I’m so glad you liked the secondary, I am so incredibly fond of those characters! (Thanks for not spoiling, btw. I am adding a spoiler-friendly questions-and-discussions post if you have anything to say/ask!)

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