Reformed rakes make the best Victorians

I’ve got a new History Hoydens post up! It’s about how Jane Eyre is set during the Regency, but movies always put her in Victorian clothes. It makes sense, right? Putting Jane and Rochester in Regency clothes would be as weird as that Pride and Prejudice movie where everyone has leg-of-mutton sleeves.

But WHY is it so weird? I try to pin it down and only partially succeed, but I have a lot of fun doing it!

3 thoughts on “Reformed rakes make the best Victorians”

  1. Just reading the latest about Dorchester’s office being dark and locked up. Desperately hoping for a new publisher for your work over here. Any news? Keep us updated!

    1. Thanks! They’ve announced on Facebook that they just moved to new Park Avenue offices, apparently…we’ll see what develops. I just sent a draft of my third book to my agent for review and once I revise it we’ll be looking for a publisher for it. Hopefully I’ll have news about that in the near future! As for the first two books, Dorchester still has the rights, I’ll keep you guys posted if that changes.

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