1. WE SOLD MY NEXT BOOK! W00t!!! The book formerly known as Crimson Joy is now titled True Pretenses.

Through wit and sheer force of will, Ash Cohen has raised himself and his little brother Rafe out of the London slums and made them (in his unbiased opinion) the best two-man con artist team in England. He’s heartbroken to learn Rafe wants out of the life, but determined to give his brother what he wants. When he hears that the head of the Tory Party in Lively St. Lemeston has just died, leaving his daughter Lydia with a mound of debts and a thoroughly held-in-trust dowry, he has a brilliant idea: he’ll set up a marriage between Rafe and Lydia, promising Lydia that in exchange for a percentage of her fortune, she’ll have her money, complete freedom, and never have to deal with her husband again. Now all he has to do is get Lydia and Rafe to fall in love before the wedding. It seems simple enough: a clever, lonely woman and a charming English country town at Christmastime. What more could Rafe want from life? But when a terrible family secret comes to light, Rafe disappears and Lydia demands that Ash marry her instead. Did Ash chose the perfect wife for his brother…or for himself?

Coming from Samhain in early 2015!

2. Sweet Disorder has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly AND from Library Journal!! (No link yet because it’s in the February print edition.)

“This rich and memorable Regency romance brings its setting and characters perfectly to life.” –Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Admirable, complex, immensely likable protagonists are complemented by a diverse cast of beautifully realized secondary characters…in a smart, literate, Regency-era tale that bypasses general ton glitter for village drama (and a dash of scandal) and drops readers into a refreshing, insightful mix of family dilemmas, business and political machinations, and social class differences that won’t disappoint.” –Library Journal (starred review)

I’m so so SO thrilled!

3. I have a new cover for In for a Penny!!!

new In for a Penny cover

I just love it! Anyone want to play the “what actors do they look like” game? She reminds me of Amy Acker…

2 thoughts on “SO MUCH NEWS!”

    1. Thank you so much! I am so excited for March, I think I’m emitting a quiet, high-pitched hum like a simmering kettle.

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