I made 1″ pinback buttons for Sweet Disorder! They are so cute! I am seriously in love with them.

Here are all the options (sorry, my camera phone cannot convey the crisp, bright, beautiful old-timey glory of these buttons, designed by the talented Matt Youngmark of choose-your-own-adventure stuffed-bunny-in-the-zombie-apocalypse fame):


A word of explanation: Sweet Disorder focuses on a hotly contested local political election. Back in the day in England, it was common for local parties to have colors like a sports team. The hero’s brother is running as the Orange-and-Purple candidate (the local political party loosely affiliated with the Whigs), and Mr. Dromgoole and Mr. Jessop are the Pink-and-White candidates (the local party affiliated with the Tories).

While buttons like this didn’t show up in politics until the Victorian era (pre-mass production they would have been prohibitively expensive to make), all the slogans are taken from political issues in the book. The top two rows are Tory slogans (in a choice of old-timey or pink):

Down with Boney
Jessop is our MP
Dromgoole for ever
God save the King
No Gas Lights

And the bottom three rows are the Whig slogans (in a choice of old-timey, orange, or purple):

No War Profiteering
Bring Our Boys Home
Police Act Now
Let Catholics serve their Country
The Duke and Freedom
Yes to Gaslight
Dymond & Reform

This still doesn’t convey how good they look (and it makes my hand look super weird), but it’s a little better (click to enlarge):



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