Heroes and Heartbreakers giveaway

ETA: The winner is Make Kay!

Blog tour stop #3: Heroes and Heartbreakers. I talk about the trope of the Dead First Husband and interview other historical authors for their perspective (Courtney Milan, Jeannie Lin, Tessa Dare, Susanna Fraser, Lauren Willig, Theresa Romain, and Cecilia Grant—and I’ll be posting the full interviews with them here on my blog in April).

Comment on this post, the one you are reading right now to be entered in a drawing for a free e-book of Sweet Disorder! And one commenter from the entire tour will receive an awesome prize package that includes tie-in pinback buttons, bookmarks, bacon-scented candles, a bookstore gift card, and much, much more! (This drawing is open internationally. Void where prohibited.)

Make sure you enter your correct e-mail address (NOT in the body of the comment, but in the form where it says Name:, Mail:, Website:, make sure the e-mail address you enter for “Mail” is right). It won’t show up to other commenters, but I’ll get it and then I can easily notify you of your win.

17 thoughts on “Heroes and Heartbreakers giveaway”

    1. Thanks! The post wasn’t up yet when I went to bed last night but I wanted this to be ready since the post links here…What I didn’t realize is that my post isn’t going live until 2PM. So, the link is coming soon. Sorry about that.

  1. One Dead First Husband books I enjoyed was “Not Proper Enough” by Carolyn Jewel. You meet the heroine in earlier books, so her growth and change in her attitude toward the hero is well set up in advance.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. This book is getting good buzz- I can’t wait to try it! I’ve already ordered In for a Penny too- yay!

  3. The review at Dear Author sold me on this book. Specifically, the favorable comparisons to Cecilia Grant and Courtney Milan sold me on your book. 🙂

    1. That is wonderful to hear! They are two of my favorite writers too. And I do think that if you like their books, my books might be to your taste. Let me know what you think!

  4. Nice to see the positive reviews for the new book! I really enjoyed In For a Penny, so I’m hoping this one does well for you.

  5. A couple of over-the-top examples of first husbands that come to mind:
    Forbidden by Jo Beverley–Serena’s first husband is a sexual abuser. After his death she escapes and seduces her rescuer because she thinks sex is all she is good for.
    Double Deception by Joan Wolf–the first husband was homosexual and the second husband was vilified as having murdered his first wife. I liked this better than many of Joan Wolf’s later works.
    I am currently reading Jo Goodman’s The Last Renegade. The heroine is a widow but so far no clue about whether it was a good marriage.
    Sweet Disorder sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to it!

    1. Was the gay first husband in the Joan Wolf book a jerk? I actually stopped reading Wolf after the book where the hero’s friend is in love with him and starts trying to kill the heroine out of jealousy. I was so angry! I’m still angry, thinking about it. I had been so sure he would end up with one of the hero’s brothers and instead he was the villain! It was really too bad, because I loved Wolf before that. I recently reread The Gamble and loved it all over again.

  6. I was surprised how many of the authors’ favorite Dead Husband books were on my favorite reads list as well – makes me want to go read the few I haven’t! I’m looking forward to reading Sweet Disorder.

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