New contest: A LILY AMONG THORNS e-books, and a gift basket!

ETA: This contest is now closed! The winner of the basket is Susan, and the e-book winners are: Kim, Rebe, Julie N., Joye, and Katie. Congratulations!

My second book, A Lily Among Thorns, re-releases on September 2nd!

LilyAmongThorns-450x675 Lady Serena Ravenshaw is one of London’s most prosperous women, but she’s never forgotten the misery that set her on the path to success. Nor has she forgotten the drunken young gentleman who gave her the means to start her long, tortuous climb out of the gutter. When he knocks on the door of the Ravenshaw Arms to ask her help in retrieving a stolen family heirloom, she readily agrees to help, and to let him stay rent-free. After all, Serena prefers debts to fall in her favor.

Still grieving the death of his twin brother, Solomon Hathaway just wants to be left alone in his dye-making shop—until his highborn uncle sends him to the infamous Lady Serena to scour London’s underworld for the missing bauble. He’s shocked to discover she’s the same bedraggled waif to whom he once gave his entire quarterly allowance. Yet as they delicately tread common ground, they must negotiate a treacherous world of crime, espionage and betrayal before they can learn to trust—and love—again.

You can read the first chapter here.

The book was in and out of print pretty quickly because of the Dorchester disaster, and I’m thrilled that it can be read again! To celebrate, I’m giving away 5 Lily e-books and a fantabulous gift basket (not literally. There is no actual basket)!

The gift basket includes:

1. A copy of the e-book in the format of your choice AND

2. an e-ARC of my January release, True Pretenses (Lively St. Lemeston #2)!

3. A signed promotional postcard.

4. Two Lily bookmarks.

5. A decorative plate using the “Sweet China oranges!” image from the Cries of London print series.

plate, candle, postcard and bookmarks

6. A presentation copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets with woodcut illustrations.

book open to a sonnet with a woodcut illustration

7. Four Hot Cocoa votives from Kittredge Candles.

8. A bar of Blanxart’s Chocolate a la Taza, or drinking chocolate. This stuff is designed for making hot chocolate by melting blocks into milk (or half-and-half, if you want to be truly decadent)—and don’t skimp on the chocolate! You want it to be really thick. It’s delicious plain, with a unique grainy texture, but drinking it is paradise. Not exactly what Solomon would have used, but Regency chocolate was not all that awesome by modern standards.

9. The Essential Billy Joel 2-CD set. “Don’t Ask Me Why” was my theme song for writing these characters!

Here are 9 ways you can enter to win (N.B.: all require leaving a comment on this post):

1. Read a post from my original blog tour. Leave a comment on the post here.

Chemistry during the Regency period at History Hoydens. Regency hair dye, how Solomon made the ribbon on Serena’s gown, and how to shave silver off a coin.
A Q&A with Susanna Fraser. Mr. Spock as beta hero and my love of Avatar: the Last Airbender.
On well-rounded villains at the Season. Tom Hiddleston, Storage Wars, and how you should be able to imagine every character eating toast.
Personal growth as a fundamental element of romance novels at MuseTracks. “A romance where love doesn’t help a character grow and change is an unsatisfying romance.”
10 Things to Love About Heroes & Heroines with Jobs at Cecilia Grant’s blog, ranging from “1. It’s an immediate connection with a lot of readers” to “10. Uniforms!”
An interview with Solomon and Serena at Bookworm2bookworm. Includes cute baby stories about Serena, which she does NOT want Solomon to share.
Q&A with Mandi at SmexyBooks. My four-axis hero system and the conflation of “beta” with “weak.”
Ten Tips on Writing Characters with Accents at Kat Latham’s blog. This post has become my most linked and read post ever. Huzzah!
On the Fantasy of Being Special and heroines who Aren’t Like Other Women, at
Q&A at Risky Regencies. My journey to publication and how that story about the Rothschilds buying the Bank of England is TOTALLY NOT TRUE.
Inspirations and Influences at the Book Smugglers: old-school Regencies, Nicholas Lea (best known as Krycek from The X-Files), and Billy Joel.

2. Post a photo of yourself with your copy of A Lily Among Thorns (original printing or Samhain) on twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, or similar. Leave a comment here linking me to the picture.

3. Write a recommendation or review of the book in the forum of your choice. This review should be HONEST, it does NOT have to be positive. Leave a comment here linking me to the rec/review.

4. Read a review of A Lily Among Thorns (either one of the ones linked here, or find one on your own). Leave a comment here telling me which review you picked and something that intrigued you about it.

5. Look at the dream casting I did for Lily and tell me why you agree or disagree with one of my choices. Who would you suggest instead?

6. Read the first chapter of A Lily Among Thorns and tell me your favorite moment in it.

7. Leave me a prompt for a short story set in the world or featuring the characters of Sweet Disorder. Don’t forget to also comment here to let me know you did and you want to be entered!

8. Tell me about your favorite Star Trek episode and why it’s your favorite. 100 words minimum. Screencaps encouraged but not required.

9. My new cover for Lily makes me think of fire and ice, which is appropriate because Solomon and Serena kind of have a fire and ice thing going. Tell me about your favorite fire-and-ice romance!

The rules:

1. To be entered you MUST leave a comment on THIS post.
2. The e-book giveaways are open internationally but due to postage costs, I will only ship the gift basket to the US or Canada.
3. Contest is open until September 23rd.
4. You may enter up to 5 times! Leave each entry in a separate comment.
5. The winners will be chosen at random using No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.
6. No spoilers in the comments please! Especially about you know what. 😉

And don’t forget to check the blog on September 2nd, I will be posting a free short story about Solomon’s little sister and her husband. ETA: The story is up!

31 thoughts on “New contest: A LILY AMONG THORNS e-books, and a gift basket!”

  1. Thanks for the giveaway and the heads-up about your book. I really like the cover-rarely does one see such a blonde-headed guy on a cover. I like it.
    My favorite fire-and-ice romance was Outlander (which is now on TV-yeah)

    1. I know, this is my first blond hero to get a blond cover and I’m thrilled about it! Thank you!
      Are you enjoying the Outlander TV show? Is it a good adaptation?

  2. 1. Why I am special. Yes, I agree with your premise that if the “competition” isn’t much competition, there is no sense of satisfaction in “winning” the hero. But I think there has to be a degree of differentiation. Part of what makes me shy away every time from the hardest job in the world (yours) is the difficulty of conveying the subtle shades of cloud (I really liked your jigsaw piece analogy), in a way that convinces me that the hero couldn’t possibly have been happy with, say, the heroine’s sister (however similar they are). And you’ve now convinced me three times! I’m waiting anxiously for the fourth.

  3. 4. I actually read A Lily Among Thorns before In For A Penny, and a large part of the reason was because of this review:
    I’ve always loved her reviews because they are both HILARIOUS and tend to fit in line with my own thoughts on books. The description of Solomon intrigued me the most – the passage about Solomon being a prince among men really got me curious. Hydrochloric acid and hot chocolate, PLUS a dream casting of Tom Hiddleston?! TELL ME MORE.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m once again RIDICULOUSLY excited about your new releases. Sweet Disorder is one of my favourite books of 2014!

    1. Yes! I love that review! I am actually SHOCKED after reading this comment to realize I don’t have a link to it from my site. What is up with that? FAIL.
      Tom Hiddleston is basically exactly how I picture Solomon. In fact, he was exactly how I pictured Solomon for years while I was working on this book BEFORE I HAD EVER SEEN TOM HIDDLESTON. I would like to believe this means I called him into being with my strong psychic energy but it’s more likely it means he’s exactly my type.
      Thank you so much! I’m so happy you liked Sweet Disorder, that is AWESOME to hear. Good luck in the drawing!

  4. What a beautiful cover on your book A Lily Among Thorns. I will buy the book just because the cover is so eye-catchy. Is that a word? But I’m sure I will enjoy the insides just as well.

    1. Isn’t it an amazing cover? I have been so lucky at Samhain, I adore ALL my covers. I think the word is technically “eye-catching” but I actually really love the way “eye-catchy” sounds, there is a nice assonance about it. <3 Thank you!

    1. Aw, I remember signing that. Wonderful! Consider yourself entered twice. 🙂
      Also, I don’t know if you saw, but the gift basket is US and Canada only. Is there a US/Canadian address you could have the package shipped to if you won, or should I enter you just for the e-books?

  5. 1. It’s interesting how long women have attempted to dye their hair. Obviously, vanity doesn’t lessen through the ages.
    4. I picked a review from The Book Smugglers website. We get so many alpha heroes in romance novels, that it’s sometimes refreshing to read about a nice beta hero. I also read the synopsis for the Library Journal review and it points out that the book deftly balances humor with serious themes. I’ve always enjoyed books that can provoke different emotions.
    9.I think Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught has elements of fire and ice. Towards the end of the book, Elizabeth(fire)is proactive in trying to reconcile with her husband, but Ian(ice) just freezes her out. Due to his childhood experiences, once someone betrays him, he is unforgiving.

    1. Aren’t beta heroes great? I agree, I love alphas too, but I get tired of anything if it’s almost all that’s available.
      I’ll have to check out that Judith McNaught. Thanks!

  6. My favorite fire and ice romance is Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. So hot and cold! Their chemistry is great!

    1. Oh, I just love Blair and Chuck! I will never forget that time they roleplayed that he was a waiter and she was a dissatisfied diner. So adorable!

  7. A wonderful post and beautiful giveaway.
    The review I chose was by The Bookworm since it is captivating, writes like I would and enjoyed this book that she gushes all over the place which is permitted and acceptable. Incredible and ideal.
    A agree with James McAvoy as ideal for this role.
    The description of the gown in such detail, the material, fit, quality and her weight loss. Great.
    Episode from Star Trek is The Big Goodbye. My ultimate favorite of all. I loved Star Trek and Picard is my ultimate favorite in this role. His acting, humor, and ability to transform himself into this role is fabulous and riveting. I enjoyed the era which is my favorite and 1940’s San Francisco was captured beautifully. The Holodeck and the ability to leave and enter was captivating and special. I could watch this entire episode over and over. The amazing black and white, the conversations in the lingo of the era and the excellent lighting and sheer exceptional drama was superlative. I have watched all the episodes and this one has been by far the most unique, intriguing and memorable. I miss Picard who can act like no one else. So talented and versatile.
    Fire and Ice romance would be Fiona & Joe in The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. Loved it.unforgettable novel with great characters.
    best wishes and much happiness and success.

    1. Thanks! That sounds like a great Star Trek episode. A little like “A Piece of the Action” from TOS! I always love it when they get to time travel or use the holodeck to explore other eras in earth’s history.

  8. Dear Rose:
    I am happy to learn about you and I definitely will be reading A Lily Amongst Thorns.
    I learned about you through a link with Christina Dodd who is one of my favorite authors.
    I love your website and your answering questions and making comments.
    Elaine M

    1. Thank you so much! That is wonderful to hear. It’s lovely to meet you!
      (Did you want to enter the contest, though? If so, you need to do one of the 9 things above. The last option is just telling me about a fire-and-ice romance you liked…has Christina Dodd written one that stuck with you?)

  9. I read the Q&A with Susanna Fraser (whom I love!) and thought the characterization of alphas in regencies was hilarious! They DO only go white under their tans or clench their jaws. Seriously, how do they have any molars left? And Spock is awesome. Of course he could win an argument with Kirk.

  10. interesting casting choices. The only actor I am familiar with is Kirsten Vangsness. And i have not yet read Lily, so it is hard for me to judge. The book was on my list when it first came out but I never quite got around to buying it, sad to say. And then it was gone. I loved In for a Penny.

    1. I’ve never seen Kirsten Vangsness act, but as soon as I saw her smile in a photo I knew she was just perfect for Susannah. She’s on one of the CSIs, right? Do you watch it? Is she great?
      I know, Lily was just here and gone. I’m so glad it’s back to stay! That’s wonderful to hear that you liked Penny. 🙂

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