New contest: Theresa Romain's Holiday Pleasures series

ETA: This contest is now closed. Bonnie won the books!

Hi everyone! The contest this time is really special. The fourth and final book in Theresa Romain’s Holiday Pleasures series is coming out in a couple of weeks (Season for Desire, I’ve read it, it’s awesome, you can read my goodreads rec here, and to celebrate, I’m giving away the first THREE books in the series. Not only that, but since Theresa was my roommate at RWA14, I was able to give her the books to sign and ship, which means she will personalize them for you!


Season-for-Temptation-634x1024Season for Temptation. This book absolutely floored me when it came out, and I think it’s still one of the funniest, freshest historicals I’ve ever read. Continue reading “New contest: Theresa Romain's Holiday Pleasures series”


Warning: here be spoilers.


ETA: I wrote more about these guys after all! The newest version of Lily, the one with this cover:

has a brand-new epilogue set in Paris, in which René and Elijah prepare for a visit from Solomon and Serena. 

A lot of people have asked me whether I’ll ever write a story about what happens in a certain gay secondary romance after the end of A Lily Among Thorns. The truth is, I probably won’t, because to me, their story is over. Their conflict is resolved. In fact, there’s no doubt in my mind that their next meeting will go something like this…

Continue reading “EXT. PARIS – SUNSET”

Funny search terms Jan.-Aug. 2014

I think I need to start doing semi-regular posts about search terms people use to find my site! Some of my favorites from August:

what mean henry with a man aint nothing but a man [it’s like poetry]
let s see paul allen s card [Wooo only the best scene in American Psycho!]
how can you live with yourself lucius gift [I assume that last person actually meant to type “gif” but I quite like the name “Lucius Gift.” I may have to use that one of these days.]


gout funny quotes [Nothing funnier than gout, amirite?]
ivanhoe parody [THERE ARE SO MANY]
the art of governing a wife [Was this person actually searching for my post? Or do they…want to know about the art of governing a wife? Or what?]
voldemort slaps lucius [seriously, hilarious Harry Potter searches were always the best on my fanfiction site too. What is it about Harry Potter that makes for such amazing google searches?]
of course she is my favorite aunt she is freaking awesome [I don’t really want context honestly]
harlequin covers fabio [hard to see how my site could even have been in the first ten pages of results for this? how in depth was this person’s search?]


heroine interview sex stories [what is this person looking for? is the heroine a reporter? is the sex story in the form of an interview?]
historical romance with blond hero [awww]


tumblr logan echolls meta [why does it have to be on tumblr??]
roselerner penn badgley [this person legit appears to be looking for some post I made on tumblr about Penn Badgley!! I have never been so flattered!]
rebecca stronger than rowena [hey hey the ladies don’t have to be in competition]
when a husband would sell his wife would she wear a halter [!!!!!! WELL THERE’S A FAMOUS ROWLANDSON ILLUSTRATION BUT I DON’T THINK IT WAS A REQUIREMENT]


roger moore cocktail glass [this search term describes my sexuality to a T]
philosemite creepy [you get me, googler]
corinthians/aliens [?]
which sonnet says my love is nothing like a rose [I’m impressed this person actually clicked through to something on my site because I assume they want “My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun” and it’s the first hit for this search]
a man aint nothing but a man mean [okay is this the same person months earlier, or is this a common concern?]


holy roman emperor frederick 111 and gingerbread
romance novels giving women unrealistic expectations [FUCK YOU]
she trapped him under her skirt and smother him [???????]
death by hounds [!!!!!!!]