Lively St. Lemeston #3 is a go!

Toogood and Sukey’s story, titled Listen to the Moon, will be out from Samhain probably in January 2016. This isn’t the official backcover copy (which doesn’t exist yet), but it should give you the general idea:

Laid off and blacklisted through no fault of his own, gentleman’s gentleman John Toogood is stuck in the small town of Lively St. Lemeston until he can find a new job. His reputation for discreet, skilled professionalism has never been more important, so the instant attraction that flares between him and his happy-go-lucky young neighbor couldn’t come at a worse time. Maid-of-all-work Sukey Grimes works hard, but her manners are provincial, her respect for authority nonexistent, and her outdated cleaning methods—well, the less said about them, the better.

But the only job John can find is for a married couple, so when Sukey is fired for the second time in five years, they tie the knot against both their better judgments. John is determined to prove that he deserves his cushy new job as butler, but it’s going to be a challenge when his most difficult underling is also the wife he’s rapidly falling in love with. As for Sukey, she knows that John’s impeccably impassive facade hides a lonely man with a gift for laughter, but she underestimated just how vexing it can be to be married to the boss…

I’m really enjoying working on the story and I can’t wait to tell you more! In the meantime you can take a look at my Pinterest boards for the book: casting and reference images.

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