Hi guys! I thought I had already posted about this but I guess I haven’t, and I’ve been getting some questions about it:


Samhain used to put all full-length novels out in paperback one year after their e-release. They’re switching to a new model at the moment so things are moving around. To the best of my knowledge, my books will release in trade paperback as follows:

Sweet Disorder – Jan. 13th, 2015. It is already available for pre-order in Samhain’s store—and it’s currently 30% off ($11.20)!

True Pretenses – March 3, 2015.

In for a Penny – June 2015.

A Lily Among Thorns – September 2015.

And don’t forget, the Sweet Disorder e-book is currently on sale for 99¢ at all retailers!

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