All the “best of 2014” lists are popping up, and Sweet Disorder has been showing up on some of them! I’m collecting the mentions here mostly for my personal reference, but I know reading these lists has added to my TBR pile, so if you’re looking for an awesome book to read…

Janga’s Top Ten Romances of 2014, at the Romance Dish.
Janine’s Best of 2014 at Dear Author.
Willaful’s Best of 2014 at Dear Author.
“My Favorite Historical Romance Novels in 2014” at Love Saves the World.
Best of 2014 at Romance Novels for Feminists

And A Lily Among Thorns made a list of favorite historical romances read in 2014 at Reading with Analysis!

I’m so proud, you guys. Thank you to everyone who read one of my books this year.

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