Plot bunnies adopted here

Hey! I’m taking suggestions for my next hero’s profession. Must require going into country houses. Art appraiser? Architect? 1770s-1810s OK. This is brainstorming, it doesn’t have to be brilliant, just throw it at the wall and we’ll see if it sticks!

4 thoughts on “Plot bunnies adopted here”

  1. Cabinet maker / panelling expert?
    Master plasterer
    People started writing about dry rot in the early 1820s, but it was around before that. So, someone who knows about timbers (can put you on to quite a lot on this).

    1. Ooh, these are all great! I love all of them and I’m putting them in my notebook for future consideration (especially master plasterer, that seems really sexy to me for some reason). Thank you! But I should have specified, he’s a gentleman. I’m pretty sure those are all apprentice-when-you’re-a-kid sort of jobs…

  2. A doctor? Piano tuner? A designer/builder of buildings or rooms with special functions – eg observatory, conservatory….

    1. OMG an observatory designer. That is the single greatest thing I’ve ever heard. I would have to learn so much about astronomy to pull it off but I REALLY LOVE IT. Thank you! It is definitely going on the shortlist.

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