New contest: "A Lily Among Thorns" in paperback!

ETA: This contest is closed. Chelsea and Patty won the books!

Hey all! A Lily Among Thorns, my second book, rereleases in paperback today! Wooooooo!
I am so pumped to finally hold this book in my hand again after years of it being out of print. To celebrate, I am giving away two paperbacks.

One paperback will be signed by me (and personalized if you want!) and is open to the US and Canada only.

One paperback is not signed, will ship from The Book Depository, and is open internationally.

Pictured: Spokesmodel T-Rex (not included in giveaway) as my tailor/chemist hero Solomon. He doesn’t need those half-glasses (which belonged to my grandfather, who did need them, and I wanted them so badly as a kid), but they make him look professional.

Some very special news: To celebrate the rerelease, the e-book is on sale for just 99¢. Tell your friends!

Some people liked this book! NYT Bestselling Author Courtney Milan said, “I loved it, even more than I loved In for a Penny…most of all, for a heroine who is independent and prickly and yet wonderful all at the same time.”

AnimeJune wrote, “Solomon Hathaway is a prince among men. A prince among heroes! He cooks, he sews, he makes hot chocolate, he knows his way around a vial of hydrochloric acid, he has impeccable fashion sense, he’s sweet and lovely and all that is good. He is wonderful.”

And Stephanie Samphire said, “It’s all zany and fun and it moves at an incredible pace…but here’s what is my very, very favorite thing of all about the book: Solomon and Serena really, really like each other.”

You can read the first chapter and find DVD extras like deleted scenes and a free short story here.


Buy the e-book for just 99¢ through September 15th:
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Or buy the print book:
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lily cover
Lady Serena Ravenshaw is one of London’s most prosperous women, but she’s never forgotten the misery that set her on the path to success. Nor has she forgotten the drunken young gentleman who gave her the means to start her long, tortuous climb out of the gutter. When he knocks on the door of the Ravenshaw Arms to ask her help in retrieving a stolen family heirloom, she readily agrees to help, and to let him stay rent-free. After all, Serena prefers debts to fall in her favor.

Still grieving the death of his twin brother, Solomon Hathaway just wants to be left alone in his dye-making shop—until his highborn uncle sends him to the infamous Lady Serena to scour London’s underworld for the missing bauble. He’s shocked to discover she’s the same bedraggled waif to whom he once gave his entire quarterly allowance. Yet as they delicately tread common ground, they must negotiate a treacherous world of crime, espionage and betrayal before they can learn to trust—and love—again.

Contest rules:

1. Comment on this post to enter. Please specify in your comment if you are US/Canada or international.
2. I will select one US/Canada winner and one international winner at random using
3. Open for entries through September 8th, 2015.

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Good luck!

18 thoughts on “New contest: "A Lily Among Thorns" in paperback!”

  1. Hi Rose,
    I’m so glad you’re offering LILY as the prize this month. You had me at ‘London’s Underworld’. The book appeals to me greatly and I hope I’m fortunate enough to win. Happy Labor Day!
    xo Mel (USA)

    1. lol, I love the underworld stories too! I had so much fun rereading those research books for True Pretenses. One of these days I want to do something with more bodysnatching.

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