DVD extras: In for a Penny

This post lists all the online extras for In for a Penny!

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Deleted scenes:

Warning: may contain SPOILERS.

Deleted Scene #1. Nev and Penelope visit the village on the Loweston estate.

Deleted Scene #2. In which Percy teaches Nev’s little brother to play cards and Nev doesn’t approve. (Yes, in the first draft he had a little brother.)

Deleted Scene #3. Original ending.

Tie-in stories:

Warning: all may contain spoilers.

Four Times Percy Garrett Didn’t Kiss [REDACTED], and One Time He Did. A short story set during the events of In for a Penny.

Three of Penelope’s lists: “Reasons Lucy Hopper is the worst girl in the world,” “possible Christmas gifts for Nev,” and baby names.

Character interviews: in which most of the cast of Penny answers memes.

Mini-story: The secondary romance dresses up for a costume party.


Blog post on Gothic follies.

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