It's Teaser Tuesday!

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I’ve spent a lot of time writing at the library this week, so have a cookie in which Sukey has bought Toogood a library card as a present!


“What are you reading?”

He wrinkled his nose, turning the book over. “A history of the Anglo-Saxons. Mr. Summers has generously allowed me the use of his library, but I’m afraid his taste runs to…histories of the Anglo-Saxons.”

She beamed, drawing the little card from her bodice and handing it to him.

“This card entitles the bearer, John Toogood, to withdraw two books at a time from the Lively Library,” he read slowly.

“It’s good until Lady Day. They have more than a thousand books.”

He turned the card over. “Thank you, but—you bought it for the quarter? Libraries charge twice as much that way.”

Her smile wobbled. “I know, but I didn’t want to spend more than seven and six.”

He looked sick. “You spent seven and six on this?”

The light in her chest guttered. “Yes, because I thought you would like it!”

He looked at her, and his face cleared. “I do. I do like it.” Standing, he took her in his arms. “I hadn’t even thought of a circulating library.”

“You thought we were too small.”

You’re too small,” he teased, leaning very far down to kiss her. “I’m sorry, I only—the difference in our wages—you ought not to be buying me presents.”

“With the difference in our ages, you ought not to strain your back carrying me to bed, but I don’t try to stop you,” she retorted.

He took the hint.


Links to pre-order the book are here.

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