Distribution glitch

ETA3: Everything should be fixed. Please let me know if you spot one of my books missing anywhere!! (I’d also love to hear from someone who had pre-ordered through Kobo and didn’t manually reorder. Did you get your book, or no?)

ETA2: All my books have now disappeared from Nook. I am so, so sorry. Hopefully they will be back soon!

ETA: All my books seem to have reappeared everywhere, although the sale price for True Pretenses is still not available on Kobo. Samhain is working on it! HOWEVER, if you pre-ordered Listen to the Moon through Kobo, you will need to re-order. Sorry!

Apparently Apple pre-orders were not affected, and your book should have arrived with only a slight delay.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me if you notice one of my books missing anywhere, or if you are having difficulty with a pre-order.


Hi all!

Samhain is currently having a distribution glitch, and my new release Listen to the Moon is unavailable from Kobo and iTunes.

The glitch is also affecting my other books at various retailers, as well as affecting the sale price on Sweet Disorder and True Pretenses. Hopefully it will be fixed very shortly.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience! I will keep this post updated with news when I have it.

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