True Pretenses is in the DABWAHA!

So, y’all did it—True Pretenses made the Reader Nominated category in the DABWAHA!!!

True Pretenses wordswag graphic reading "He laughed a little. 'You have no idea how arousing I find the idea of you voting for me in the DABWAHA.'"

(The DABWAHA is like March Madness for romance novels. It’s awesome. Basically, you predict which books will win a reader vote in each bracket and then the person who comes closest to predicting the actual results wins.)

Don’t forget to fill out your bracket!

Voting for the first bracket will be on the DABWAHA site this Thursday and Friday (3/17-18).

The full schedule.

Here is what I will do for each round I make it through:

If I make it to Round 2, I will post the first two chapters of my upcoming novella, All or Nothing, about an architect who asks a gambling den hostess to pose as his mistress so he can actually get some work done during his ex-boyfriend’s scandalous house party.

If I make it to Round 3, I will post my school photos from grades K-8. If you think you might ever want to blackmail me I highly recommend you make sure I get to Round 3 because there is some great material in there.

If I make it to Round 4, I will livetweet the Paul Giamatti John Adams mini-series.

If I make it to Round 5 (the final four), I will record myself reading the Nick Is A Vampire And Phoebe Is A Dragon story.

If I make it to Round 6 (Championship round!), I will record my own episode of “Drunk History.” (Poll to choose topic!)

If I win…look, even coming up with something for that is jinxing myself. But it will be awesome, I promise!

4 thoughts on “True Pretenses is in the DABWAHA!”

  1. Congratulations, Rose. True Pretenses was among my 2015 favorites and I sent in a DABWAHA reader nomination for it.
    I usually enter a bracket in the DABWAHA tourney. I didn’t this year, because there are so few books with which I’m familiar. I was surprised and disappointed, since I read 180 books last year, many of them historical or contemporary romance. I will, of course, vote for some that I did enjoy–like your wonderful novel. Good luck.

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