DVD Extras: All or Nothing

This post lists all the online extras for “All or Nothing”!

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Deleted scenes:

Note: all deleted scenes contain SPOILERS.

Maggie role-plays with Simon to show him how to pitch his business.

Tie-in stories:



Choosing names
Material culture (i.e. cool objects), part 1
Material culture, part 2

Pinterest boards:

Reference images

Blog tour:

The Romance Dish: my high school best friend and unlearning relationship damage
Jaunty Quills: my intense fear of change
Angieville: Regency hipsters
Ellie Reads Fiction: a few of my favorite things

The full anthology blog tour, including group posts and other authors’ posts.


Simon/Maggie playlist

Want to talk to me about the book? Ask questions or share your thoughts at this spoiler-friendly discussion post.


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