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I’m at Jaunty Quills today giving away books and talking about my rather intense fear of change, decluttering, and how Jeannie Lin made me cry in her novella with this story about a paper lantern:

When I was a child, I’d received a lantern once for the Spring Festival. It was pink and painted with flowers. I’d loved that lantern for an hour. A breeze had caught it while it hung from a tree in our courtyard, tipping the candle inside over and igniting the paper.

I’d wept after the servants put the fire out as I stared at the ruined shell. I would never have that bit of happiness, the glow of that moment in the same way ever again.

I wanted the moment with Gao back with the same empty sorrow now.

Stop on by and enter to win a book!

And follow along with the rest of the blog tour here. There’ve been some great posts (including one by Isabel about how writing is like combining snow cone flavors)!

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