New contest: "Fortune Favors the Wicked" by Theresa Romain

ETA: This contest is closed. Elaine M. won the book!

This month I’m giving away a signed copy of Fortune Favors the Wicked by Theresa Romain, plus a signed cover flat for the sequel, Passion Favors the Bold, and a bookmark and magnet!

This book is absolutely delightful, about an adventurous ex-naval officer and an ex-courtesan, both looking to find a treasure, claim the reward, and start new lives! Theresa shared some stuff about this book that time we interviewed each other, including that she originally pitched the book as “Regency ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'”!!

Pictured: Spokesmodel T-Rex (not included) having naval adventures.

As a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, Benedict Frost had the respect of every man on board—and the adoration of the women in every port. When injury ends his naval career, the silver-tongued libertine can hardly stomach the boredom. Not after everything—and everyone—he’s experienced. Good thing a new adventure has just fallen into his lap&ellip;

When courtesan Charlotte Perry learns the Royal Mint is offering a reward for finding a cache of stolen gold coins, she seizes the chance to build a new life for herself. As the treasure hunt begins, she realizes her tenacity is matched only by Benedict’s—and that sometimes adversaries can make the best allies. But when the search for treasure becomes a discovery of pleasure, they’ll be forced to decide if they can sacrifice the lives they’ve always dreamed of for a love they’ve never known&ellip;

Learn more about the book here.

Contest rules:

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3. US and Canada only.
4. Open for entries through January 1st, 2017.

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Good luck!

Image credits: “The Yacht Race — A Sketch from the Deck of a Competing Yacht” via Wikimedia Commons, and hat from “Bonaparte Crossing the Alps” via Wikimedia Commons.

29 thoughts on “New contest: "Fortune Favors the Wicked" by Theresa Romain”

  1. Please add my name to this contest and I will be adding this book to my TBR list as well as Gambled Away. Thank you

  2. love Teresa and your books… follow you both and read you both… enter me please… thanks for the chance and Happy New Year all

  3. A new beginning can be important for anyone, no matter what their station in life. I have a feeling they will find out that starting over together is best of all.

  4. The superficial side of me wants to read Theresa Romain’s book, because the cover is beautiful. Yet, the blurb is even better. Thanks for the chance to own my own copy.

  5. Love T-Rex on his naval adventure. lol!! I’ve never read anything by Theresa Romain. FORTUNE appeals to me greatly. Happy New Year, Rose. xoxo

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