"All or Nothing" bibliography

This is just a partial bibliography of some of my favorite sources. If you have particular questions about anything in the book, please e-mail me or comment! It’s a subject I never get tired of talking about.

1. The faith of remembrance: Marrano labyrinths, by Nathan Wachtel. An invaluable, heartwrenching resource on the lives of Spanish and Portuguese Jews forced to convert or pretend to convert by the Inquisition.

2. The Jews of Georgian England 1714–1830, by Todd M. Endelman.

3. The book of religion, ceremonies, and prayer of the Jews, as practiced in their synagogues and families, by Abraham Mears, published 1738.

4. Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century, by Graham Robb.

5. Hoyle’s Games, 1814 edition. (Google Books link.)

6. Antiquaries: The Discovery of the Past in Eighteenth-Century Britain by Rosemary Sweet. “Historical accuracy” is a fairly modern concept! This book was great for understanding how my folly architect would conceptualize English history and the architecture of the past.

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