Romance in your mailbox: my 2017 holiday mailing

Happy holidays, everyone! Would you like to see your pals from my books celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah? Well you can!

I’ve written five adorable Christmas mini-stories, one about Solomon and Serena from A Lily Among Thorns, one about Nev and Penny from In for a Penny, one about Phoebe and Nick from Sweet Disorder, one about Sukey and John from Listen to the Moon, and one about Robert and Betsy from “A Taste of Honey”.

And I’ve got three charming Hanukkah stories, one about Ash and Lydia from True Pretenses, one about Simon and Maggie from “All or Nothing”, and one about Rachel and Nathan from “Promised Land” in the Hamilton’s Battalion anthology.

I’ll mail you the scene of your choice, autographed by me!

1. Fill out this google form by December 1st with your name, address, and which couple you want to see celebrating.

If you have trouble with the embedded form you can access it directly here. PLEASE e-mail me immediately at if you have any problems with the form.

I will never use your address for anything else, ever. However, if you’d rather not share a physical address, I am happy to send your story via e-mail. Just leave the “Mailing address” question blank.

2. Except for the new “A Taste of Honey” and “Promised Land” stories, everything is the same as last year, so if you’ve already read one, you don’t need to request it again.

3. This is open internationally.

4. I won’t be posting these mini-stories online anywhere—I want this to be special.

5. I will add a bolded note to the top of this post when all stories have been mailed. If you don’t receive yours within a reasonable time, please let me know.

That’s it and that’s all! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Image credit for the Hanukkah candles: 39james, via Wikimedia Commons.

4 thoughts on “Romance in your mailbox: my 2017 holiday mailing”

  1. Thanks for the offer – that’s going to be an early Christmas present. I needed something to cheer me up this morning but someone made me a big mug of Earl Grey, and you’re going to send me a story. Things are looking up.

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