New contest: #BVW18 memories and "Hamilton's Battalion"!

ETA: The contest is now closed. Becky won the prize package, Linda S. won the books, and Timitra won the e-book!

contest prizes

Pictured above: Spokesmodel T-Rex (not included) with prizes.

Hello everyone! It was so wonderful seeing some of you at the 2018 Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend a few weeks ago. But I thought it might also be nice to do a little giveaway for those of you who couldn’t make it!

There are two prize packages. The first includes a #BVW18 memory booklet, tote bag, and souvenir notebook; an “I Was In Jeopardy at #BVW18” pinback button; Jane Austen confetti from my luncheon table; the Hamilton’s Battalion-themed gifts I gave my breakfast table (the Hamilton’s Battalion anthology, “All or Nothing” by me, “The Governess Affair” and A Princess in Theory by my anthology co-authors Courtney Milan and Alyssa Cole respectively, and an “Every day has the potential to be the greatest day of your life” notebook from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s official merch site); and two adorable handmade Marvel gifts from my breakfast table co-host Alanna Lucas (in honor of her Captain America-inspired Regency Only a Hero Will Do).

A second winner will receive just the Hamilton’s Battalion books and Marvel gifts from our breakfast table.

This contest also celebrates the individual releases of the Hamilton’s Battalion novellas on June 26th, just in time for Independence Day! You can preorder those at the links below.

“Promised Land” by Rose Lerner (second-chance romance about a disguised-as-a-man soldier and her spy ex): buy on kindle

“In Pursuit of…” by Courtney Milan (longsuffering American veteran and the can’t-shut-up-won’t-shut-up British officer who owes him a life debt, and also they’re on a road trip): buy on kindle

“That Could Be Enough” by Alyssa Cole (Eliza’s no-nonsense personal assistant on the Hamilton biography project agrees to interview the flirtatious dressmaking granddaughter of a battalion veteran, and the next thing she knows her entire life is upside down): buy on kindle [LINK COMING SOON]

And of course you can still get the full anthologykindle · kobo · nook · iBooks · google

Contest rules:

1. Comment on this post to enter. If you’d like, tell me your favorite book you’ve read this month!
2. The winner will be chosen at random using
3. The physical prizes are US and Canada only. International readers, put “international” in your comment to enter to win a Hamilton’s Battalion ebook.
4. Open for entries through Wednesday, July 4, 2018.

If you’d like to be alerted when new contests go up, you can sign up for my newsletter.

Good luck!


61 thoughts on “New contest: #BVW18 memories and "Hamilton's Battalion"!”

  1. Ooh, please enter me in the giveaway! (I’ll be in the US very soon, so I can even give you a U.S. mailing address if I win. 🙂 )
    My favorite book read this month so far was Nalini Singh’s Ocean Light.

  2. I jave read several mysteries this month. One favorite is Murder on Union Square by Victoria Thompson

    1. I’ve heard so many amazing things about her books! I gave my aunt the first one, she loves historical mysteries.

  3. My favorite will probably be Ocean’s Light by Nalini Singh; I’m currently reading it. I’ve newly discovered Lucy Parker, whose books are lovely.
    And let Alanna Lucas know (or not) that I saw Chris Evans in Lobby Hero last month. He played a jerk, so he is proving to be a more than respectable actor.
    My Fair Lady was also very nicely staged to highlight the awakening confidence of Eliza. I love the way the show was subtly updated (really going back to the original Shaw, in some respects), without making weird changes.
    I would love to see Hamilton, but tickets are still pricey. Sigh.

    1. Ooh, how did they update it? I am weirdly attached to Shaw’s afterword where he explains that she marries Freddy though I know most people ship Eliza/Higgins…

      1. I know! I always have that afterword in mind. And, in this version, the director did, too. 😉 There was one scene where Eliza explains how she would support Freddy if she married him. She’s very clear on that, no blinders about the men in her life. And, by the end, she isn’t taking any crap from Henry. She does not react well to that final “Where the devil are my slippers?”
        Mrs Higgins is played by Diana Rigg, and I kind of got the feeling if she couldn’t bring her son around, no one could change him.
        I’m hoping they film this (for Great Performances or Live at Lincoln Center). Right after I saw it, all I could think was that I wanted to see it again.
        Oh, a neat tie-in back to this contest. Jordan Donica, who plays Freddy, played Lafayette/Jefferson in the Angelica company tour of Hamilton.

        1. Jordan Donica, who plays Freddy, played Lafayette/Jefferson in the Angelica company tour of Hamilton.
          That’s amazing! Wow, if they do film this production, please let me know, because I’d love to see it!

  4. Of new-to-me books this month, I really enjoyed both Making Up (Lucy Parker) and Running with Lions (Julian Winters). I love your new book cover, too!

    1. Okay, that’s two votes for Lucy Parker so I have to add her to my TBR! Is Making Up a good place to start?
      Thanks! I love my cover so much. I can’t wait to get print copies!

  5. Favorite book so far this month was the Tessa Dare and Christi Caldwell duet Rogues Rush In.

    1. Has Tessa ever written anything that wasn’t delightful?! Is the Rogues Rush In story connected to any of her other series?

  6. Right now I’m reading “Making Up” by Lucy Parker and I’m really enjoying it. Gotta love that enemies to lovers trope. Fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  7. I read two in a row this month that I gave 4 1/2 stars to, so I don’t know that I could choose between them–Cowboy SEAL Redemption by Nicole Helm and The Chateau by Tiffany Reisz.
    Thanks for the giveaway–I wish I could come see you at one of your events, but winning one of the prizes would be *almost * as good (not really, but denial is my middle name) 😉

  8. My favorite this month was The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore. I was going to say Behind These Doors by Jude Lucens but I actually finished that on May 30th, lol. Thank you!

    1. That looks really intriguing! I’m fascinated by the Edison/Tesla feud so I’ll have to check it out.

  9. Excited to read Promised Land. I love pirates, ladies in men’s disguise, and spys! My kinda book, yes. I’ve read new releases recently by Collette Cameron and Regan Walker both great authors. I get your newsletter, and congratulations on your marriage and many, many happy anniversaries to come.

  10. Ooh! Me! Me! Enter me!
    … that did not come out QUITE the way I had expected it to. Ah, well. In for a penny, as they say.
    Favorite book this month: Dreaming Spies, by Laurie King. I love her whole Russell/Holmes series so much I can hardly stand it. And it wiped the taste out of my mouth left by Jonathan Kellerman’s latest, which I listened to on audiobook as I always do with him and which, unlike the last one in the series (and about 92.7183% of the rest of it), I found grim and jaded and borderline (gasp) boring.

    1. That looks really cool! I’m mostly interested in Holmes in relationship with Watson so I haven’t tried the series, but I hear nothing but amazing things.

  11. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I just finished reading LAIRD OF THE BLACK ISLE by Paula Quinn. Was a good story with fun characters to read about.
    I am reading this book and find it really interesting about Kenya in the 1920’s. Check it out
    LEOPARD AT THE DOOR by Jennifer McVeigh

  12. Aaaaa, this looks amazing! Thank you for the giveaway and also thank you for the books you’ve written, I love them!
    As for what I’ve read this month, I’ve been rereading Unmasked by the Marquess by Cat Sebastian. I love the leads so much, they’re amazing.

  13. !! A physical copy of Hamilton’s Battalion? Yes, please!
    Oh, a good book I read this month? I’ve found myself reading some Harlequin books lately — I work in an area with a community laundry (elderly housing) with this little library, where people drop off books or pick them up and someone reads Harlequin so I borrow from the laundry space and return them, how exciting is that?? — and I recently read Christmas At Cardwell Ranch which was delightful; a mystery, a ranch, a romance, and at Christmas with all those fun family things. I loved it.

  14. Hi Rose:) Right now I’m almost done reading “Rowan’s Lady The Clan Graham Series” by Suzan Tisdale and it’s already a favourite, it’s such a great read!!!

    1. Did you like it? I struggle sometimes with romances about real historical people because you know how it ends (and it’s usually not all that happy…) but A. Ham and Eliza had a very cute courtship, so…

  15. Oooh this is an amazing giveaway. My favorite book this month has been Until Harry by LA Casey. It had ALL the feels.

  16. I’d love to win. Best book this month is Armistice by Lara Elena Donnelly. Multiracial, multi sexuality, spies, romance, danger. I was crying at the end!

  17. Hi Rose,
    My favorite is MY DEAR HAMILTON by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie. The book is outstanding. I just moved from Austin to Midland and the book’s been great company. I enjoyed your newsletter and want to read PROMISED LAND very badly. I’m broke as hell though so I’ll put it in my Amazon shopping list. I usually get a gift cert. for my birthday…Aug. I’m always late to the party but now I’d love to see HAMILTON on Broadway. My move was a nightmare but I’m still surviving! XO Mel

    1. Glad you’re hanging in there!! Hamilton is definitely worth seeing if you can manage it but the Broadway tickets must still be so expensive (even the touring show I saw recently wasn’t exactly cheap). Are you near enough to NYC that you could do the lottery?
      August is closer than it seems, but if $ is an issue, your local library might be willing to buy a copy. Seattle Public Library is pretty good about filling reader requests and I think a lot of libraries are too…

      1. Hi Rose, I’m in TX so I’m not close enough to NY to do the lottery. lol! I did however receive a lottery ticket here and it has my birthday on it! Man, I hope that’s the very best of luck. I just read your second newsletter about the free copy of PL. I’m bummed and so broke I can’t afford to give to any charities now. I don’t do the library. 🙂 I buy all my books. I have approx. 40 boxes of them. Yea, I’m a book hoarder!

  18. What an awesome giveaway! A favourite recent read was The Henchmen of Zenda by KJ Charles 🙂

  19. My favorite recent read is All or Nothing by Rose Lerner. I really enjoyed the relationship between Maggie and Simon.

  20. I’d love to enter!
    I haven’t read any stand-out books this month, more’s the pity, but best recentish read is Thick as Thieves, by Megan Whalen Turner.

  21. Awesome giveaway! A favorite (and thematically appropriate!) read in the last month was definitely The Prodigal Tongue: The Love-Hate Relationship Between American and British English by Lynne Murphy. The author is an American linguist who’s lived in England for the last 18 or so years and she also has a great blog where she posts about the differences in English: The book touches upon themes she discusses in her blog but it goes into more depth and if you’re a language nerd it’s great fun!

  22. What great prizes! I’m sorry I missed your talk at the Renton library, we had graduation stuff. Some of my favorite reads in the last month are A Bridge Across the Ocean by Susan Meissner, The Prince by Katharine Ashe and No Duke’s Allowed 3-novella compilation by Grace Burrowes, Kelly Bowen and Anna Harrington.

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