Hanukkah giveaway, 6th night

ETA (12/16/18): This giveaway is closed. Karin is the winner!

A gift is going up every night of Hanukkah! (Each gift is a book plus swag—some mine, some I collected for you at RWA.) Leave a comment on this post, and I’ll enter you in the drawing. You can find all the gifts here:

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NOTE: Each link will become live on the corresponding night of Hanukkah! Just check back later this week. 🙂

Tonight’s gift is a copy of Courtney Milan’s The Governess Affair, plus 2 pieces of Courtney swag: a Pele button, and washi tape reading “women: doing things since forever”.

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Happy holidays!

All winners will be randomly selected on December 15th. Entries are open on all gifts until then.

25 thoughts on “Hanukkah giveaway, 6th night”

  1. I have this book on my computer, and the rest of the series.. I have re-read it a number of times.. I really like Courtney Milan’s novels…

  2. This is a great novella. Love the washi tape – this is one of my pet peeves in romance reviews/criticism (seeing people say that women in historical romance are unrealistic or ahistorical because of what they do – run a business, be a scientist, etc.). It is generally not true (although to be fair, I kind of don’t care even if it is true).

  3. Oh man, I’ve heard such wonderful things about Courtney Milan AND this book. I think it was what got her recommended to me.
    I never knew I needed a historical romance novel Chanukkah giveaway, but it does provide a lot of opportunities for oil/lasted eight nights/Maccabee-hammer-related puns.
    …anyway. Thanks for the giveaway contest!

  4. This was my first Courtney Milan book and I loved it so much! Since then I’ve been devouring the rest of her work and it’s been awesome. It’d be really lovely to have the Governess Affair as a paperback as it’s become pretty special to me, plus who wouldn’t want a tape and button that cool?

  5. Happy Hanukkah ♥
    This book healed a piece of my heart, because it reflected a part of my own story. Thank you for the chance to win a physical copy.

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