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ETA [8/6/19]: This contest is now closed. Tresgrumpy, Zarah, Elise, Jessica, and Nikki won books. Georgia and Lenora won the ebook downloads. Rebecca and Ar won swag packets. Congratulations!!

Hi everyone! I got back from RWA last night and I brought a HUGE haul of goodies for you.

All books are signed. ✒️😘

A signed paperback copy of Courtney Milan’s f/f novella, “Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure“!

Mrs. Bertrice Martin—a widow, some seventy-three years young—has kept her youthful-ish appearance with the most powerful of home remedies: daily doses of spite, regular baths in man-tears, and refusing to give so much as a single damn about her Terrible Nephew.

Then proper, correct Miss Violetta Beauchamps, a sprightly young thing of nine and sixty, crashes into her life…

A signed copy of Eva Leigh’s Dare to Love a Duke!

For a dashing duke and the proprietress of a secret, sensual club in the London Underground, passion could lead to love…if they dare


Two download cards for Eva’s Temptations of a Wallflower!

Beneath Lady Sarah Frampton’s demure façade hides the mind of The Lady of Dubious Quality, author of the most titillating erotic fiction the ton has ever seen. Sarah knows discovery would lead to her ruin, but marriage—to a vicar, no less—could help protect her from slander.

Tasked with unmasking London’s most scandalous author by his powerful family, Jeremy Cleland has no idea that his beautiful, innocent bride is the very woman he seeks to destroy...

A signed paperback of Jackie Lau’s Ice Cream Lover!

I absolutely adored this romance…it felt like it was written just for me. I honestly feel vulnerable even reccing it, but also YOU SHOULD READ IT IT’S SO GOOD. [Content warning: the heroine lost a parent as a young adult.]

I hate ice cream. Ever since my fiancée left me at the altar and skewered me in her bestseller “Embrace Your Inner Ice Cream Sandwich: Finding the Positive You in a World of Negativity,” I haven’t been able to stomach the stuff.

Unfortunately, my five-year-old niece is a budding foodie and her favorite place in the world is Ginger Scoops, a cutesy Asian ice cream shop. I’ve spent too much time there, sipping black coffee, refusing to eat ice cream, and trying not to look at the owner, Chloe Jenkins…

Signed copy of L. Penelope’s Song of Blood and Stone. I couldn’t resist this stunning cover!

The kingdoms of Elsira and Lagrimar have been separated for centuries by the Mantle, a magical veil that has enforced a tremulous peace between the two lands. But now, the Mantle is cracking…

All Jasminda ever wanted was to live quietly on her farm, away from the prying eyes of those in the nearby town. Branded an outcast by the color of her skin and her gift of Earthsong, she’s been shunned all her life…until a group of Lagrimari soldiers wander into her valley with an Elsiran spy, believing they are still in Lagrimar.

A signed copy of Olivia Waite’s The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics, Avon’s first full-length f/f historical!

As Lucy Muchelney watches her ex-lover’s sham of a wedding, she wishes herself anywhere else. But it isn’t until she finds a letter from the Countess of Moth, looking for someone to translate a groundbreaking French astronomy text, that she knows where to go.

Showing up at the countess’s London home, she hoped to find a challenge, not a woman who takes her breath away…

I also collected a TON of swag!!

(Click image to enlarge)

Selection of postcards, stickers, bookmarks, buttons, and more. Authors include Courtney Milan, Alyssa Cole, Jackie Lau, Suleikha Snyder, Alexis Daria, Alisha Rai, Olivia Waite, L. Penelope, and K.C. Bateman.
Alexis Daria tote bag

Seven winners will receive a signed book OR download card, along with a selection of swag. Two more will receive swag packets without a book.

If you really want a particular book or piece of swag, you’re welcome to ask in your entry comment, but I can’t promise anything!

Contest rules:

1. Comment on this post to enter. If you’d like, tell me your favorite book you’ve read this month!
2. Winners will be chosen at random using
3. Due to postage costs, the physical prizes (including swag) are US only. International readers, put “international” in your comment and I’ll include you in the giveaway for the digital downloads.
4. Open for entries through Monday, August 5, 2019.

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Good luck!

89 thoughts on “RWA 2019 Giveaway!”

  1. This haul looks so great!! 🥰🥰🥰 I read Priory…or rather, I’m still reading it because it’s huge and wonderful and I never want to stop reading it. LOL

  2. I’ve been reading Olivia Dade this month. I really enjoyed Desire and the Deep Blue Sea!

  3. I just read The Work of Art by Mimi Matthews. It was so satisfying, it gave me all those good romance book emotions. MOC with a wounded war veteran.

  4. Oooh, I have a copy of Ice Cream Lover, just waiting for me to get to it. I also loved The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics, and Red, White and Royal Blue this month.

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  5. I can’t choose favorite because I read the Inheritance Trilogy (I think they are romances) by NK Jemisin and fell deeply, hopelessly in love with Sieh. And then I read Any Old DIamonds by KJ Charles and boy oh boy…Fun giveaway!

  6. The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare was my fave book of July! Thank you! (International)

  7. Great collection, most of those books are already on my radar! I’m over halfway through Lucy Parker’s The Austen Playbook and it combines so many things that I love, I’m so into it.

  8. What a great giveaway! I haven’t technically finished any book yet this month since it’s the first day of August, but I’m in the middle of reading Sierra Simone’s Feast Of Sparks, and I have a strong suspicion it will be a favorite.

  9. I’m glad you had such a great time and that it didn’t require a long flight! These all look interesting, but I’m super intrigued by Ice Cream Lover. My favorite recent read was Forever and Ever by Devon McCormack. The MCs are in their late 70s, it was wonderful for that alone.

  10. Please enter me! (Wait, that came out wrong…) 🙂

    My favorite book in July was Once Upon a Haunted Moor, by Harper Fox. Creepy paranormal mystery/romance set in Cornwall.

  11. I read Witchmark by C.L. Polk and loved it! Can’t wait for the next book. RWA looks like a blast. It’s a pleasure living it vicariously. Thanks for the post!

  12. Thank you for the opportunity to win 🙂 I find myself re-reading Julie Garwood’s The Bride this week, I just love that book.

  13. I am currently reading “The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics” and loving it, because I effing love f/f romances and historicals. Other good reads from July include a YA novel – L. C. Rosen’s “Jack of Hearts and Other Parts” – that is sex-positive, LGBTQ-affirming, and a very fun read, and Minette Walters’s “The Last Hours,” which is historical fiction about the Black Death with a pretty kickass protagonist.

  14. International! It is so kind of you to include us “foreign people” in your give away.
    I plan to visit the States maybe in 2025 for my wedding anniversary. If this dream comes true I will dedicate my voyage to romance: visit the specialist shops, and hopefully a convention or two. I wish it was sooner, but I want to be able to stay for more than a few weeks, meaning I need to earn the money fist 😉
    As for favorite reads in July: I finally read The Hating Game (Sally Thorne) and The Governess Game (Tessa Dare) and I finished the Lara Jean trilogy by Jenny Han.

  15. Awesome goodies! The best book I read this month was THE PISCES by Melissa Broder. I’m also reading a very good book (ARC) called A SONG FOR A NEW DAY by Sarah Pinsker. The latter will be out Sept. 10.

  16. I’m listening to A Duke By Default by Alyssa Cole, and it’s great! The way she reads those steamy scenes…on my bike ride home… ::fans self:: I almost didn’t make it all the way up the hill yesterday.
    Looks like you have a great collection of books here, some I hadn’t heard of! Thank you!

  17. I’ve been working my way through The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay lately. Had an ARC of Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure and it was so sweet!

  18. Looks like you made out with lots of good swag! I wish I had a favorite book from this month but I have read so many they are all good books. Thank you for a chance and good luck to you and to everyone else!

  19. I finally got around to reading AYESHA AT LAST, which has been mocking me for weeks, sitting on my bedside table. It was absolutely worth the wait. I tore through it in one day and have recommended it to anybody who will listen.
    And I have my fingers crossed to make it to RWA myself next year! 🤞🏻

  20. Yay book swag! I’m currently listening to Furiously Happy which is a gem and belly full of laughs all in one audiobook!

  21. Thank you! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Am enjoying Wicked and the Wallflower, first in Sarah MacLean’s new series.

  22. Thank you for sharing! The best book I’ve read in the past few weeks has been Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin. It’s the best modern version of Pride and Prejudice I think I’ve ever read.

  23. I’m rereading the Brothers Sinister series and it’s even better than I remembered! I’ve always loved The Heiress Effect, but The Countess Conspiracy speaks to me in a way that it didn’t in the first read. Sooo good!

  24. Best book I’ve read this month is probably Winter Tide, though it’s not a romance. I just finished Ship of Fools which was good, but not my favorite of the series. And I’ve been re-reading the Beyond books by Kit Rocha.

  25. I read a book called Time After Time and a book by Lisa Jackson called Devious. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  26. !!! Thank you for this!

    I’m currently reading (I’ve been too busy to read, woe and alas, but mostly that’s because I’ve been working a show!) A Perfect Square, a cozy mystery. I thought it was too long for the genre, but the wonderful thing about it is how it weaves together the stories of a group of women rather than focusing on the murder mystery aspect.

  27. I think my favorite book I read in July is ‘This is How You Lose the Time War’ by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone.

  28. I read Kerrigan Byrne’s new release coming out How to Love a Duke in Ten Days and really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  29. Thanks for this! I am working my way through Mary Balogh’s Bedwyn saga and just finished Slightly Scandalous. Since this is the first day of the month it automatically wins best book so far (but I liked it very much regardless!) Also, I am a lifelong stargazer and a Courtney Milan fan and would treasure the bit of Rose Sweetly swag if possible.

  30. I would love Song of Blood And Stone! I just finished Circe last night and it was absolutely wonderful. Brazen And The Beast is probably my other favorite read of the month.

  31. I’d give my left arm for the Courtney Milan stickers. And I read Evvie Drake Starts Over and loved every word.

  32. A really interesting book I just read was by Molly Gloss called The Hearts of Horses. It takes place during World War I. When all the young men were swept away from the ranches to go to war, the women had to take over the care and training of the horses. Quite a learning experience

  33. This month has been terrific for reading lovely books. Some of them are:
    When a Duchess Says I Do by Grace Burrowes
    Some like It Scandalous by Maya Rodale
    Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long
    The Scoundrel in Her Bed by Lorraine Heath
    Someone to Honor by Mary Balogh
    Not the Duke’s Darling by Elizabeth Hoyt
    I read or listen to three to four books a week (I’m retired) and so many of my favorite authors wrote interesting books with engaging characters. These were in print, but I’m always reading books on my different kindles, too.

  34. New month, not yet read any books, but acquired an am saving the new novella Minor Mage by T. Kingfisher for my flight this weekend!

    1. Congratulations, you won a digital download! Check your inbox for an email from me.

  35. Thanks for giveaway. I just finished Brazen and the Beast and Ayesha at Last. Highly recommend both!

  36. I read Hither, Page by Cat Sebastian recently and loved it! I’ve read Mrs Martin’s Incomparable Adventure (so good!!) and I’m currently reading The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics and loving that a lot too.

  37. Well it’s a new month and I’ve yet to start a new book (I know, I’ve got to get moving!) But I just downloaded Sarah Maclean’s lastest and I’m really looking forward to it.

  38. I’m going to say it’s a tie for my favorite book this month between Cat Sebastian’s Hither, Page, and Linda Holmes’ Evvie Drake Starts Over.


  39. My favorite book I read in the last month was The Hating Game by Sally Thorne! But I just finished Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin, which was so good!

  40. Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities series! I binged the first three books last month and fell in love. I can’t believe I waited so long to read them!

  41. (International)

    I have been kinda salivating over The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics but haven’t had a chance to order.

    My this month’s fave book right now is This is How You Lose the Time War, an f/f romance of sorts between time agents on opposite sides.

    1. Congratulations, you won the ebook download! Check your inbox for an email from me.

  42. RWA looked like a blast! Right now, I’m immersed in the year of Hattie in Brazen and the Beast.

  43. I just finished Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid and was so into it — it reads exactly like a Behind The Music documentary, and the history feels so real I found myself genuinely wondering if I’d somehow missed the existence of this band before!

  44. I’ve been on a psy-changeling kick this summer and my most recent fave read was the OG: slave to sensation

  45. Since it’s just the second of the month, I think the only thing I’ve finished is Love by the Numbers by Karin Kallmaker. I liked it! C:
    Tonight I’m starting Perve by Dakota Gray.

  46. I read some really good books in July. I think it’s a toss up between KJ Charles Any Old Diamonds and Jackie Lau’s Man vs Durian.

  47. International

    Thank you for your generosity.
    As the month has just begun, I haven’t read much yet.
    Only Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean.
    Bought Dare to Love a Duke; it’s waiting tbr.

    Best regards from Japan.

  48. Maya Rodale’s SOME LIKE IT SCANDALOUS is my favourite read so far in August! But also one of my faves of the year (International)

    1. Congratulations, you won a book! Check your inbox for an email from me. (And ooh, I haven’t read that one yet! I’m in the middle of A DUKE IN DISGUISE right now…)

  49. Oooh awesome selection! I recently finished the lady’s guide to celestial mechanics and oh wow did I fall in love with all the characters, and the writing, and the story ha

  50. These all look amazing! This month I’ve been most excited about reading my first Cat Sebastian book.

  51. How kind of you to offer this! I would *love* to read The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics. My favorite book I read in July was Cat Sebastian’s Hither, Page.

  52. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you

    I struggle picking favorites. But I just read Alys Clare’s The Woman Who Spoke to Spirits and very much enjoyed it.

  53. Woohoo!! Crossing my fingers, books are always great but fandom/genre specific swag is THE BEST. I want my grandkids to show up to antique’s roadshow asking about the value of HEA pins– the world i want to live in.

  54. In the past month-ish, my favorite has been “The Princess Deception”, a f/f take on Twelfth Night involving female soccer players (EQUAL PAY!) and a bid for the World Cup. As a soccer fangirl, I couldn’t NOT read this!

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