Brand new audiobook: The Wife in the Attic!

creepy, old-fashioned image of a child playing with a doll, scribbled over in crayon, with the cover of THE WIFE IN THE ATTIC

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve got a new book out: a queer Gothic Audible Original!

In some ways, this book is a huge departure from what I’ve done before, and in some ways, it really isn’t. (For one thing, it’s set in the world of Lively St. Lemeston!)

I absolutely love how the audiobook turned out—Elsa Lepecki Bean gives a tour-de-force performance that had me on the edge of my seat despite already knowing what happens, and the incidental music is just the right amount spooky and just the right amount lyrical.

Goldengrove’s towers and twisted chimneys rose at the very edge of the peaceful Weald, a stone’s throw from the poisonous marshes and merciless waters of Rye Bay. Young Mary Palethorp had been running wild there, ever since her mother grew too ill to leave her room.

I was the perfect choice to give Mary a good English education: thoroughly respectable and far too plain to tempt her lonely father, Sir Kit, to indiscretion.

I knew better than to trust my new employer with the truth about my past. But knowing better couldn’t stop me from yearning for impossible things: to be Mary’s mother, Sir Kit’s companion, Goldengrove’s mistress.

All that belonged to poor Lady Palethorp. Most of all, I burned to finally catch a glimpse of her.

Surely she could tell me who cut the strings on my guitar, why all the doors in the house were locked after dark, and whose footsteps I heard in the night…



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