Reformed rakes make the best Victorians

I’ve got a new History Hoydens post up! It’s about how Jane Eyre is set during the Regency, but movies always put her in Victorian clothes. It makes sense, right? Putting Jane and Rochester in Regency clothes would be as weird as that Pride and Prejudice movie where everyone has leg-of-mutton sleeves.

But WHY is it so weird? I try to pin it down and only partially succeed, but I have a lot of fun doing it!

“Imposing on the Compassion and Credulity of different Persons in Town and Country”

Today over at History Hoydens I’m talking about an eighteenth-century con-woman I discovered while reading a book about newspapers…

Before the fatal Discovery, the Company were greatly pleased with the Woman’s behavior, as she was not only very sprightly and engaging in Conversation, but sang and played on the Guitar to Perfection.

Come on over and let me know whether you think she’s romance heroine material!

TOL-LOL, adj. Tolerably well.

Today at History Hoydens I’m talking about nineteenth century Sussex slang I think should be brought back into common usage! Example:

“LAWRENCE, s. A kind of imaginary saint or fairy, whose influence produces indolence, thus, ‘I caunt get up, for Lawrence ha’e completely got holt an me,’–“I ha’e got a touch o’ ol’ Lawrence to-dee; I be troubled to git ane wud me work.’ This person is also known in Dorsetshire, &c.”

In which I am at all the best parties! Don't worry, on the internet we always have a +∞

I’m over at the Book Smugglers’ today talking about some of my favorite historical romances of 2011 (and two of my favorite TV romances!), and some that I’m looking forward to for next year. Narrowing this list down was PAINFUL, this has been a really wonderful year for romance. Come on by and tell me about your own favorites!

AND I have some very exciting news! I’ve been asked to join the History Hoydens!! It’s one of my favorite historical research blogs so I’m thrilled and honored to be invited. I almost feel bad linking to this post because the only content is Isobel Carr being incredibly nice about me, but come on over and say hi, and if you haven’t checked out the blog before, have a look around. You won’t regret it! I’ll be posting every third Monday, either starting the 12th or January 2nd depending.