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Tie-in short stories


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Toogood as a child at Tassell Hall.
Mr. Moon goes on a reality TV baking show.

Deleted scenes

Deleted Scene #1. In the original version of a key scene, Nick mentioned that Lady Tassell once took away his puppy.

Deleted Scene #2. The missing sex scene in Phoebe’s apartment.


Historical wheelchairs
“I have a touch of the Lawrence today”—Sussex slang
The House of Commons opera hat—weirdnesses of British Parliamentary procedure
“Perfect freedom of action”—rural policing in Regency England
“This makes the Bridegroom a Voter therefore never see my face if they are not married”—the Regency electoral system and women’s voting privileges within it
“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in”—stealing from history and Nick’s army hospital experience
The Frame-Breakers Bill and Byron’s speeches in the House of Lords
Regency shop windows
Obscure occupations from 18th century voters’ rolls
Whig/Tory political divisions in the British royal family
Field medicine in the Peninsular War

Recipes and food

Regency cakes and tarts
Regency ice cream
A modern (and delicious-looking) brown bread ice cream recipe vouched for by Elisabeth Lane of Cooking Up Romance, who added caramelized bacon after reading Sweet Disorder
Lavender & Black Tea Pound Cake (Sweet Disorder-inspired recipe and a review by Cooking Up Romance)

Pinterest boards

Reference images
Phoebe’s apartment
Lively St. Lemeston

Blog tour

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I made in-character tumblrs for some of the characters and businesses from Sweet Disorder.

Nick Dymond: @childe-nicholas
Phoebe Sparks: @phoebesparks-authoress
Helen Knight: @fashion-saucer
The Honey Moon: @honeymoonconfectionery
The Intelligencer: @lstl-intelligencer

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