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Red Tea at Night: Rooibus with Honeybush and Apple

Do Elie and Augie have you feeling a little thirsty? Try one of these delicious custom tea blends created by Katherine Welsh! Bonus: It comes in a cute thematic tin.

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Deleted Scenes

Reveal five deleted scenes! Fair warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Patreon posts about my research for “Sailor’s Delight” :

(All should be public. If any are locked, let me know and I’ll fix it.)

[NOTE: Before it got the title “Sailor’s Delight,” the book’s working title was “Prize and Prejudice.”]

  1. Pocket chronometer: archaic term for a pocket watch… or is it?
  2. Antique spectacles
  3. Slack discipline in the Age of Nelson
  4. All about office supplies
  5. Raspberry pottles
  6. Regency Anglo-Jewish High Holidays practice
  7. Naval uniforms (and buttons)

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